pocketful of quarters

George Weiksner is the 11-year-old kid behind the Pocketful of Quarters project. He is an entrepreneur who thought up the idea of this project during a car ride home. Young George, who lives in Connecticut, envisioned a platform via which crypto could be traded by gamers. This currency is viable in the games as a commodity. It can also be used for gaining access to the games and unlocking content inside the games. It works much like the traditional arcade.

The difference between traditional arcade games and Pocketful of Quarters is that the Quarters are given back to players. This happens each time the live supply of the ERC20 tokens is doubled. Thus, when the surplus quarters double, the users get a top-up of 25%. It means that the more people invest and play the games, the greater the return every user experiences.

Pocketful of Quarters A Fun Platform

The intention of this platform is to entertain, and it is thus not yet open to serious traders. You are not able to hold the quarters for purposes of investment. However, you can transfer the coin from one game to the next. This is a nice idea; you are currently able to use standard currencies in most games. However, coins earned in one game cannot be transferred to another game in most cases.

With the Pocketful of Quarters platform, things are a bit different. You can transfer the quarters to a new game. This is much like what happens at the arcade. When you win in the smaller games, you can move on to better and bigger games. If you wish, you can also invest back into the game you have been playing.

Pocketful of Quarters Incentives For Developers

There are also numerous incentives for developers to sign up. In essence, the more games there are, the more quarters will be availed. This platform lets developers gain access to the network of players who play their games. This gives them an opportunity to receive feedback and data about how users behave within the game. The platform has promised to give developers a huge chunk of what gamers spend via in-app purchase. This percentage is going to be more than what Google and Apple offer developers.

This idea looks great, not only does it make use of ERC 20 coins, it offers young people a path for using crypto coins. The quarters may not seem like a serious trading tool, but they do pave the way for learning more about crypto. This learning all takes place in a fun manner.

Young George has stated that being a kid in the gaming sector has been both positive and negative. For instance, he has been rejected several times due to his age. However, his young age has also earned him a lot of attention in the media. The platform is only a few months old. However, George hopes that it will be worth billions within a year. All anyone can do is cross his or her fingers and wish him the best of luck.

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