Pocketinns PINNS ICO

All online business have their unique goal on how to be profitable. An online marketplace can be the solution and the future for a successful e-commerce business. Online marketplaces are almost a guarantee for substantial gains, therefore it is only logical to build safe and trusted shopping opportunities.

Pocketinns intends to bring all marketplaces under one roof with autonomous control and transparency with the power of blockchain technology, truly community driven.

What is Pocketinns?

The Pocketinns Umbrella Project is a new online community-driven marketplace ecosystem built with blockchain technology. It is a market for both sellers and consumers. It is designed to improve ease of transactions while maximizing trust, safety, value, and savings, all while continuing a decentralized network.

The company is aiming to create “the world’s most innovative and respected decentralized marketplace company”, who does not compromise business goals to the commitment to service, value, and honesty.

Pocketinns will be developed for multiple marketplaces that include travel, accommodations, ridesharing, car rental, real estate e-commerce and much more under a single ecosystem. This will be controlled and driven mainly by its own community as the platform grows. Pocketinns will operate with its own currency the PINN token and supported through an internal financial system.

The company also intends to create an API for developers or other organizations that want to build their marketplace on the platform.

The beta of Pocketinns (Pocketinns 1.0) has been released and has managed to sign up customers for available property rentals in Europe. Other areas the company will create marketplaces for:

  • Hospitality
  • Travel
  • Transport
  • Shared Workspaces
  • Shopping
  • Real Estate
  • Automotive

Pocketinns PINNS Coin, ICO & Auction Details

The Pocketinns PINNS token will be auctioned after the reverse Dutch Auction system. A Dutch Auction is defined as “an auction in which an initially high offering price is lowered by increments until sufficient buyers are found”.

Therefore the tokens will be sold in blocks. The PINNS token auction will run for 16 days starting from January 15th, 2018 and will be closed down if either:

  • 30 Million tokens are sold
  • Hard cap of $46 Million worth of USD equivalent denominated in ETH is reached

If neither of the above criteria is fulfilled, the token sale will end after 16 days. 5 million bonus PINNS tokens are assigned to the investors participating in the first 4 days.

At the end of the token auction, all unsold tokens will be destroyed.

During the auction, the price of the token will decrease in blocks and auctioneers will be able to send cryptocurrency to a token launch address, committing to buy PINNS at the price accepted within the specific block.

The PINNS tokens will be distributed no later than 2 weeks from the conclusion of the sale.

ICO Details

  • Start: January 15th, 2018, 10 am (EST)
  • End: January 31st, 2018, 10 am (EST)
  • Hard Cap: $46 million USD
  • Minimum Investment: 1 Ether
  • Total Token Supply 150 million Pinns tokens

Pocketinns PINNS Token Distribution

  • Bounty Campaigns: 2%
  • Goodwill Bonus: 3.333%
  • Founders: 10% (Vested over 2 years)
  • All Partners including consultants, legal, developers, advisors etc: 18%
  • Initial Token Offering (Dutch Auction): 20%
  • Community Mining: 40%


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