Po.et Frost Plugin Review

Frost is an open API that can be used to develop integrations, register works, and integrate a web app to the Po.et network. This is all possible without anyone having to build his or her own private key infrastructure. In short, Frost is the easiest way for publishers and developers to interact with Po.et.

Why Frost

Frost is intended to help you manage the technical aspects of your publishing so that you can concentrate on publishing great works. With Frost, you will be able to interact with the po.et network while keeping you away from all the technicalities of private key infrastructure. If you want to get started on Frost, you only need to go to frost.po.et and click on the blue Login/Sign Up button. This button can be found at the top right corners of your browser.

Understanding Po.et Frost Plugin

Frost helps you access the Po.et network with ease. However, why is it important to access this network? Po.et is an ethereum-based blockchain that is designed to track ownership of creative digital assets. With this network, you are able to create an immutable timestamp for your authentic works. On the po.et network, you will get access to tools, and you will be able to automate and process licensing without the need for third parties. The result is that it will save you some money.

It runs on the POE token, which is an ERC20 based token. Thus, if you hold POE token, it will give you the ability to receive a share of the profits made by the network. There will be a total of 3,141,592,653 tokens produced.

Since this POE are based on ERC20, the best place to store them is the MyEtherWallet. The easiest place to trade the tokens is Binance and KuCoin exchanges. The team behind this network is quite outstanding. They include people who have already enjoyed a lot of success in the tech world. Some of the experts that make up the po.et team have worked at Yahoo, Apple, and many other places.

The team was inspired by the need to help those in the creative community. There has always been a gap when it comes to protecting digital assets. Unless you are rich enough, it is usually likely that your work will be pirated. However, with the help of the blockchain, Po.et is helping artists globally to keep their work safe and earn from it.

Besides that, there is usually the issue of keeping track of all the people trying to use your work. With the Po.et Frost Plugin, that can be quite easy. It will help you know when your work is being used so that you can earn something from it. The blockchain is changing the world so that even those who are not famous still get to earn something from their work.

With the help of the Frost API, becoming part of the po.et network will be even easier. You do not need to understand all the complex aspects of integrating with po.et. With just a few clicks, you will have joined a powerful network that offers you immutable protection.

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