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The gaming industry has experienced a continuous increase since its existence. According to Statista, the global video games market is currently sitting at a value of approximately 82.44 billion USD, with a possible growth of up to 90 billion USD by the year, 2020. This only increases the anticipations of gaming and the connections one is able to form. With growing interest in blockchain technology, there is supposedly a gaming platform that can change how one perceives gaming and that is PKG.

The following will provide complete analysis on PKG and its respective token. Factors like its purpose, token, and provided roadmap will be considered along the way.

What Is PKG?

PKG is proclaimed as a decentralized gaming platform that has been created to run on blockchain. Incorporating blockchain technology is believed to help regulate the number of gamers present and their privacy, while potentially eliminating fraud. Most importantly, PKG wants to create a gaming experience in which users can immerse into the game, as opposed to simply experiencing small physical changes. In order to create a connection that is far from that of a virtual experience, PKG relies heavily on the use of VR (Virtual Reality) and ART (Augmented Reality Technology).

What Can One Expect From The PKG Token?

Token Symbol: PKG
Total Supply: 10 Billion
Token Price: 1 ETH: 100000 PKG
Soft Cap: 1500 ETH (1 Million USD)
Hard Cap 20000 ETH (12Milion USD)

PKG will also introduce a token of its own, which is referred to as the PKG Token. It is supposedly an ERC20-based token. Unlike most tokens where users are not sure of its real-life uses, the PKG token can be used to buy, sell and rent digital gaming goods through blockchain. The token is said to be convenient, as users no longer need to rely on cash or credit card payments nor worry over time consuming transactions.

The token sales have commenced April 27th, 2018, and based off of the roadmap, it might continue until May 2018. The purchases will be made using ETH, where 1 ETH can get users 1,000,000 PKG. The total supply of PKG is 10 billion, of which 2 billion will be distributed through ICO.

How Does PKG Plan To Execute Its Goal?

After the ICO, the PKG team will take the necessary measures to enter crypto exchanges, followed by developing the decentralized system and running several tests, prepping for several centralized locations, and by the end of 2019, launching a final-version of the PKG gaming platform.

PKG Token Conclusion

The overall idea of improving one’s gaming experience is unique, especially using blockchain, as it can increase security. However, using virtual technology does not distinguish PKG from standard games. Another problem that arises is the fact that transparency on behalf of PKG is lacking.

First, there appears to be no word on the team involved. Second, their roadmap does not provide enough information as to how they plan to achieve their goals. Lastly, the use of machine learning tools has been mentioned, however what they are and how its uses can contribute towards a real-life gaming experience is yet to be disclosed. For more information, check out the PKG white paper at: http://pokemongopkg.com/

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