Pokereum is a decentralized global poker platform, the first ever proposed one on the Ethereum platform. It is a secure peer-to-peer (p2p) version of traditional online poker would allow trustless and provably fair poker games.

As veterans of the blockchain space[early 2010–2014] and early Ethereum platform pioneers, the SuperDAO team's task is unprecedented in bringing trustless decentralized poker viability, speed, usability and technical soundness to addressing the global problems associated with centralized online poker playing platforms.

Being the first poker game on the Ethereum platform using smart contracts as a solution, Pokereum hopes to bring to users the best user experience possible in addition to confidence in live stable cryptocurrency values.

About Pokereum – How It Works?

During a poker hand, individual player actions resulting in state changes are broadcast to all opponents at a table during the game session and verified through a challenge response protocol by pools of statistical models of the poker network called jury pools. The pools then verify the table opponents’ copies of the current player broadcast against their received copies.

Jurors(randomly selected players from the p2p poker network based on high stake and activity) are grouped into pools routinely, and replaced at regular time intervals by a system of contracts on the Ethereum network.

Each node selected to a pool explicitly uses its stake as collateral and risks losing its stake if it breaks the network rules. That incentivizes fair play and creates a disincentive or very imbalanced risk/reward offering for potential cheaters. As long as the p2p network is sufficiently protected against large numbers of player nodes under the control of a single person/group (known as Sybil resilience), the poker consensus protocol can safely agree on the states of the games, the state of all player accounts, and therefore the state of the network.

The combination of decentralized and randomized selection of jurors(via Ethereum smart contracts), decentralized mesh networks for p2p game interactions, and heavy use of advanced anti-cheating mechanisms will present the poker-playing community a new and fun platform for playing poker without having to trust any individual/single entity.

SUP Tokens

The SuperDAO project has been modified to a Pre-ICO only, meaning that token holders will be able to mine the rest of the SuperDAO tokens(SUP) based on early stake and also have other rewards and benefits from Pokereum and media Dapp in stealth mode development.

The team has released released Pokereum demo which can be found here and is looking for some community feedback for eventual Shadow Poker( Mental Poker version ) release on the Ethereum test network within a few weeks.

To help contribute to the platform's current user aesthetics, use this form. There are bonus SUP token awards for contributors which will continue to be available as the team solicits community feedback over the coming weeks.

For more information on SuperDAO and timeline updates, visit here

The Team

  • Oladapo Ajayi – Founder
  • Patrick Mazotta – Risk analysis mathematical models
  • Jermaine Encarnacion – Marketing specialist
  • Panos Papantoniou – Security specialist
  • Anthony Adegbemi – Software Engineer

Pre-ICO Details

  • Platform – Ethereum(ERC20)
  • Hard cap – 3000000 SUP
  • Pre ICO discount – 40%
  • Price per token – 0.028 ETH
  • Pre-ICO in progress until tokens last

Pokereum Conclusion

There have been other proposals for decentralized poker, notably CoinPoker, but the team behind Pokereum, even though they have had a fair share hitches and hiatuses over the past few years, is a dab hand with plenty of experience amongst their ranks when it comes to poker.

Crypto users who are poker aficionados should at least consider contributing to the testnet phase in helping the team deliver a refined product of which it is fully capable.

ICO Rating – 3/5

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