As blockchain technology develops, we’re also seeing the initial growth stages of a similarly disruptive form of technology that is set to transform the world around us. The concept of machine intelligence has been present in the cultural zeitgeist of humanity for almost a century now, but only recently have deep learning systems and AI platforms from heavy-hitting tech giants such as Google and Apple started to emerge.

Google, for example, has recently purchased artificial intelligence company DeepMind for more than $400 million. Both Microsoft and Facebook have invested a significant amount of capital into the artificial intelligence development sector as well.

A new blockchain platform is aiming to fuse the rapidly growing world of cryptocurrency and initial coin offerings with this new world of artificial intelligence. PolyNetwork aims to use a unique blockchain network in order to create a powerful new artificial intelligence platform.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the PolyNetwork platform and find out what it aims to achieve, as well as the PolyNetwork ICO and what it entails to help you determine whether it’s worth investing in.

What Is PolyNetwork?

POLY AI is a new project that is aiming to achieve a powerful artificial intelligence platform distributed across the blockchain. By using the blockchain to store structural data, the PolyNetwork team hopes to create an AI solution that is able to learn faster than contemporary machine learning systems.


The POLY AI platform will operate on the Ethereum blockchain, and will operate on Poly AI Tokens. Smart Contracts will be used to create a safe functional environment for the project.

The PolyNetwork ICO is set to run from November 1st until the 20th, in which 5 million tokens will be available. The project will release 250,000 tokens each day, with the price of each token set to $1.

POLY AI Verdict

The POLY AI platform is a similar project to Israel-based Golem.ai, but appears to be focused more on machine learning rather than voice communication. While details on the project are scant at this stage, a comprehensive whitepaper can be found on the PolyNetwork website.

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  1. Complete fraud. took my investment on their platform Invested 450 dollars, the claimed to pay me at %1.1 average interest per day, my account reflected interest and gains at the rate of 1polyai = $7. But when I tried to move the money, they crashed the price to 1polyai = $0.035. I immediately lost all most the entire value of my dollar investment. Worst off, they have refused to release my remaining bitcoin. The transfer button one could use to transfer my bitcoin out of there platform has me labeled as under maintenance for over 3 months preventing me from taking my money. This is not an investment, where profit can go up or down, this is a fraud. I will escalate my complaint to the FBI.


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