Polymath Securities Token Platform & LEXIT IP Blockchain Partner For Trading Assets

Polymath Securities Token Platform & LEXIT IP Blockchain Partner For Trading Assets

Liquidating Corporate Assets With Polymath

Polymath, Ii a company in the cryptocurrency space that allows businesses to issue securities such as; bonds, shares and contracts and, in the future to be traded like cryptocurrencies. The ideology behind this company makes it a simpler process to tokenize assets and that can be both sold and/or bought virtually.

This is something new to the space and is not limited to cryptocurrencies either. In fact, they have extended this to include intellectual properties to create a process deemed seamless for all users on their platform.

The CEO, Amir Kaltak defines this platform as the purest form. This collaboration between Polymath and LEXIT could be the next biggest thing talked about in this crypto world. The ability to trade easily on levels like intellectual property mentioned above, has yet to happen.

What we know to be true already is that securities as tokens work exceptionally well on the blockchain thus, adding this offer can help close deals almost instantly, enable higher liquidity and reduce overall costs in transaction fees. In addition to that, allow for trading twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week.

This merger into the LEXIT marketplace is one to watch. Those in the start-up and technology spaces could find this platform to be incredibly beneficial to protecting their copyrights and licensed systems.

The belief across both the Polymath and LEXIT is that ‘security tokens are going to be a big part of future revenue’ (for LEXIT). As a result, CEO Amir Kaltak will not be missing out.