Ponzi Trust is the first online platform that allows individuals to participate and earn in a fair decentralized crypto Ponzi trust game.

It differentiates itself from the classical pyramid schemes in the following ways:

  1. The scam purely technical meaning it doesn’t depend on the human factor
  2. Its interest payments don’t change
  3. As it is decentralized and located on the blockchain it can’t be closed down.
  4. Earning is not only by participation but also by trading in the Ponzi token.
  5. After the scam, it can be restored as soon as there is an excess of inflows.
  6. It has a common account whose balance is available to the players.

Participation is through a Ponzi token. There are currently 100 million Ponzi tokens available on offer. The game rules are;

  • There’s an unlimited number of opened wallets
  • There’s a common account whose balances are available to all its players to enable them make decisions such as whether to withdraw or deposit.
  • There’s a daily 5% tax rate for players on the first level.
  • Payment of earned interest and contributed amount is made through Ethereum.
  • For participation, one has to register on the Ponzi Trust website.

Ponzi Token HYIP Financial Pyramid Smart Contract

A smart contract is in place to control the transfer of tokens between involved parties.

Specifics Of The Ponzi Tokens Smart Contract

  • Token transfers are made by means recognized by the Ethereum community
  • Tokens are stored with open access which is the GitHub
  • Tokens undergo a variety of different test to ensure that they are properly operated and cyber-attack resistant.
  • Withdrawal templates for payment operations are used to prevent cyber-attacks.

Specifics Of The PonziTrust Smart Contract

  • There’s no restriction on withdrawals or deposits
  • The first participants will be paid in Ether.
  • It can’t be destroyed
  • Payment can’t be affected by the company
  • Common account
  • Open access

Disclaimer: Online investment programs are highly volatile. It is advisable to consult a financial advisor before you put money into any program.

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