Before I get into the reviews of Pool ICO, the company has reportedly received a lot of reports of imposter scam sites who are attempting to position themselves as part of the team behind Pool and their TON Project. They are attempting to making money off the GRAM token as well, the fuel behind the project.

Apparently, the only official source of information about the telegram project is the website at The Pool ICO, is only designed to give people the ability to participate in subsequent rounds of the GRAM token sales in the process to help accumulate the needed amount of funds for the project.

Now, that’s been said – Pool ICO Platform is operating as part of the Telegram Open Network. And is keeping people plugged-in to the different rounds of the ICO.

How Does Pool ICO Work? is a new platform that is designed for helping bringing investors together into special pools, for the purpose of helping them participate in different projects and ICOs on the best possible terms of the early ICOs.

They are not actually a part of Telegram and don’t actually work the ICO on the behalf of the Telegram platform or its founders. The only real source for information on project Telegram is on their website and Twitter channel.

The core of their project instead is to bring together investors in their personal pool. Specifically, investors who are looking to participate in a closed offer on the valuable TON tokens. Anyone using their system has the ability to invest their share via their platform. And by registering with their private office, they can also refill their Bitcoins or Ether and buy the share in the pool.

The funds for the platform are dent daily to the different accounts for the purpose of escrow, they are in USD. This is because the participation of the TON token can’t be used by the cryptocurrency. Users shares are fixed in US dollars according Bitcoin and Ether’s average price rate when the receipt of the funds is processed.

Once fund-raising is finished, all collected funds are then used to buy TON tokens at the price during the time of purchase. After that, all of the tokens are said to be distributed among the participants on the platform in direct proportion to the number of USD they contributed.

All of the funds that are transferred to escrow are done so on a day to day basis. And if for at any reason there is an impossible way to get in on the TON ICO, any funds collected by Pool will be given back to the original investors. But even in that event, they will still plan on participating on the next sales round, as long as their data shows that it is still going on.

Once this stage happens, the platform idea is that together, everyone will be able to raise a specific amount of money in the cryptocurrency that can then be exchanged to USD, so they can purchase tokens on the next round of sales when there is a closed offer of the TON tokens. This is because the only way to truly participate in TON token sales is to use United States Dollars.

The company has three main solutions they’re looking to help solve in the modern ecosystem. For one, BTC and ETH have no capacity to replace major credit card companies like VISA and Mastercard, meaning they have slower and more expensive transactions.

Also, consistent users starting to engage with Bitcoin and other technologies are usually confused when trying to buy, sell, store and exchange or send their tokens. And lastly, the marketplace goods and services have limits as to what can be bought with crypto. And there is a high demand for more assets based on cryptocurrency, but mostly from the investors and the consumers.

What Is The ICO On Pool ICO?

The round that is currently running right now has a little less than five days left before it ends. The soft cap for the company is 20 million and the hard cap is 100million. And as of now, they have collected $18,564,447 of the 1,000,000,000 which is pretty far off from where they are looking to go.

The predictions by Pool ICO is based around the results from previous sales and the information that is given on the TON project white paper. You can easily see the price of the TON token is highly-influenced by date that it is purchased a well as the number of tokens that have already been bought. This makes a one-time purchase in a bigger volume easier, more lucrative than when buying in smaller quantities and parts.

Instead they are looking to create a valuable platform for exchanging information that is based on the blockchain technology. And to find all the solutions to the above issues like:

More speed and the ability to scale by processing millions of transactions per second and helping hundreds of millions of active users and their applications. There will also be smart user interfaces that give the everyday user the ability to buy, sell, and trade coins while at the same time using decentralized applications in a more natural way. They will also have a pre-existing critical mass that grows with a highly-engaged user-base which will eventually be hundreds of millions of users.

Who Is Behind Pool ICO?

There’s no team as of now behind the platform ICO. Hopefully they will release information soon, so they can be fully trusted and invested into. The ICO as of now is primarily based on that of the Telegram network. It’s a different kind of operation than what is normally seen in the cryptocurrency network.

Pool ICO In Conclusion

If you’re looking for someone to manage your money when it comes to investing with Telegram’s ICO – then Pool ICO could be for you. It’s a bit confusing, so I recommend doing some research before you give them a bunch of money – especially if you don’t know what’s going on.

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