PopulTrade ICO

Blockchain technology has made it possible for individuals around the world to transfer value to one another in a virtually instant manner without the high fees and overheads associated with traditional financial systems. A new blockchain platform, however, wants to extend this functionality into the world of business and allow users around the world to create, join, or invest in any kind of business anywhere.

PopulTrade wants to make it possible for users to launch businesses and generate startup capital regardless of geographic location. The platform also aims to make it possible to invest in any company in a similar manner, as well as streamline relationships and agreements between businesses.

In order to achieve this, PopulTrade is about to launch an initial coin offering. In this article, we’ll take a look at the PopulTrade platform and find out what it offers to help you determine whether it’s worth investing in.

What Is PopulTrade?

PopulTrade focuses on creating an ecosystem in which individuals or groups will be able to realize their business ideas and offer them to investors internationally. The PopulTrade platform wants to create an environment in which ideas can become fully-fledged businesses, accumulating the capital necessary to bootstrap operation.

The PopulTrade platform is working with the ultimate goal of creating economy in which individuals around the world are co-owners in a vast network of businesses, thereby distributing funds and making them accessible to individuals regardless of location, financial status, or ethnicity.

PopulTrade wants to replace financial institutions, replacing them with interest groups and creating new workplaces, thus increasing the overall living standard of all network participants. PopulTrade describe their platform as “a system that offers the infrastructure for the realization, supervision, and execution of ideas and businesses”, and manage capital in a democratic manner.

How PopulTrade Works

The PopulTrade platform consists of four separate tools:

  • Circul, which functions as the center of all PopulTrade activities. This element of the PopulTrade system creates small “circles” of individuals that share common goals for the realization of ideas, helping to create new businesses that conform to their perspectives
  • Mercato, an e-commerce tool set that is specifically designed for market analysis and selling. The Mercato system also helps to promote articles and services created by the businesses and ideas that emerge from the Circul. This mechanism is also used to generate capital for Circuls
  • Linum, a tool that is used to create companies within the PopulTrade platform. Linum also delivers functionality that facilitates the integration of non-internet companies, such as bars, restaurants, or brick-and-mortar businesses. PopulTrade has designed Linum to assist with the promotion and marketing process, enhance communication, manage payroll and service remittance, as well as gather capital for Circuls
  • Denario, which is used to trade ownership of businesses and PopulTrade tokens, called Populcoins

The PopulTrade ICO

The PopulTrade ICO is currently underway, and launched on the 4th of December 2017. The ICO is running with the goal of a maximum of $8 million, which will be generated through the sale of Populcoins.

Populcoins will be used on the PopulTrade platform for platform payments, service and article purchases, investments in businesses, discounts, and decisional power. A total of 300 million Populcoins will be generated, 192 million of which will be available in the PopulTrade token crowdsale. During the ICO, 1 Populcoin will hold a value of $0.10 USD. Populcoins will be based on the Ethereum blockchain. At the end of the ICO, all unsold Populcoins will be burned.

PopulTrade ICO Verdict

The PopulTrade platform is a unique approach to potential application of cryptocurrency in the creation of new businesses, and offers an interesting concept in their “Circul” feature that allows like-minded individuals to invest and create businesses together. If you’re looking for a well-structured ICO to invest in before the end of 2017, PopulTrade is worth consideration.

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