Pornhub Premium Adds ZenCash (ZEN) Crypto Payments For Its 90 Million Viewers

ZenCash And Tron Accepted As Valid Forms Of Payment With Pornhub Premium

A decade ago, the crypto industry was excited to find that their tokens could be used to purchase real-world items, like the infamous pizza purchase through Papa John’s. However, every technology must progress to meet the desires of the user, and nothing makes that clearer than ZenCash and Tron tokens being accepted by Pornhub.

Pornhub is an adult website with risqué content, some of which is explicit enough to require users to register for their paid service at Pornhub Premium. However, the lack of anonymity with using a credit card is too obvious to some consumers, which may be part of the reason for adding decentralized currency as an option. A post of Twitter announced this integration, saying

“We’re excited to announce that were now accepting @zencashofficial and @Tronfoundation as crypto currency payment for Pornhub Premium!!”

Adding to the post, Pornhub Aria spoke to the new range of uses for cryptocurrency, like for adult videos.

“#ZenCash continues to expand its usability. $ZEN is now accepted as a payment method for the world’s largest adult entertainment websites and provides real #privacy for its 115M+ users daily!”

To promote the video, Pornhub used their own way of announcing it in true Pornhub fashion – with a video on their Twitter page. The caption reads,

“Pornhub and TRON (TRX): The Future Has Come…Again. @tronfoundation accepted soon on Premium.”

The video does not show any of their typical content, though the fact that it comes from Pornhub makes it still NSFW.

This new promotion leads enthusiasts to wonder if this announcement is the surprise that Tron was saving to announce until June 30th. There has also been some speculation that Pornhub’s hype has taken away from their first crypto-partner, Verge. Though the truth to this statement is up for debate, it is obvious that the Verge’s XVG token has dropped in value.

Right now, according to statistics from CoinMarketCap, TRX tokens have a value of $0.038, while ZEN is being traded at a value of $17.03 per token.

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