If a technology offers decentralization, transparency, easy P2P sharing, security, and anonymity, it is bound to be adopted by the adult entertainment industry. As cryptocurrencies offer those features, now it started to penetrate the adult entertainment markets along with other industry.

On April 17th, 2018, Pornhub started to accept Verge (XVG) which is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency. This is massive for the crypto world as Pornhub is not only one of the biggest Porn Site, it is one of the biggest and most socially influential sites in the world.

While Verge cryptocurrency isn’t an infallible cloak of invisibility, it does incorporate more anonymity tools than traditional tender. Afterall, most people do not want their credit card to have NSFW content on it. Pornhub's move is also notable because it chose to use Verge, a relatively unknown cryptocurrency, over cryptocurrency front-runners like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It does, though, offer a few privacy-focused attributes that might make it particularly appealing to Pornhub clientele.

Pornhub is not the only adult entertainment company to flirt with the idea of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Recently, CamSoda had teased with an interactive platform that makes your sex toys vibrate harder as the prices of cryptos soar. They even had plans to launch their own blockchain to let customers exchange nudes and get paid for it. However, unlike CamSoda, Pornhub has actually partnered with a company to achieve their goals.

Pornhub, along with several other major adult sites, is owned by a Luxembourg-based company called MindGeek; its sister sites Brazzers and Nutaku will accept Verge as well, with more to follow.

From the introduction of video preview to the handling of advertisements that prompts malware, porn sites seem to be driving and adopting the innovation. When tech giants like Google, Facebook, Reddit, Valve, and Stripe are closing their doors to cryptocurrency, Pornhub is going to bed with it.

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