PornX ICO Review

PORNX Platform Overview

Every day there are over 380 million porn industry users making this industry a huge global market. Many people seek out porn but want to maintain their confidentiality when visiting porn sites or purchasing porn related products.

Additionally, in many countries porn is illegal and accessing porn site are virtually impossible much less purchasing content. This is where the growing field of cryptocurrency and blockchain payments can come into play.

PORNX has developed a decentralized ERC20 token on Ethereum, which can be used to pay for porn content worldwide using Lightning Network technology. By using the Lightning Network PORNX will receive instant payment transactions that are not only fast but also completely confidential because they do not require any personal information for payments. Payments happen in milliseconds or seconds. PORNX will also have a QR Code function making payments fast and confidential.

This platform is developed by Martin Benson and Damian Lerner and is registered in Singapore. The PORNX team has worked to collect a pool of four hundred global porn sites. These porn sites process over 500,000 transactions daily generating more than $35 million dollars in sales.

These figures show the potential possible by introducing cryptocurrency payments to these popular porn related websites. These sites are not just limited to video content but also live web cams and pornographic video games.

Buying PORNX Tokens

PORNX Tokens will be sold for $0.40 each during the pre-sale. The initial coin offering will be 340 million tokens. The limited pre-sale period will run February 11-February 25, 2018 attracting investments in 5,000 ETH.

The token sale will run from March 1-March 31, 2018 attracting investments in 70,000 ETH. Investors should be aware that purchasing PORNX tokens is considered high risk but this is true with most cryptocurrency platforms.

PORNX uses Custom Application Tokens which can be exchanged through the X-WALL Wallet Application. This wallet system has signed contracts with over two hundred different sites that sell porn, in some cases consumers may receive up to a twenty percent discount when paying using PORNX tokens. X-WALL will be available on both Apple devices and Google Play.

PORNX Conclusion

Unlike many similar cryptocurrency platforms, PORNX does not actually have a website but just a link to their online whitepapers. It is unclear where investors can purchase PORNX tokens.

By offering a new payment option for porn consumers PORNX is helping people around the world maintain their privacy when enjoying videos, webcams, and pornographic video games. While cryptocurrency is less common than old-fashioned credit card payments many people may consider trying cryptocurrency due to the privacy it gives them when purchasing porn.

This platform and payment system is a great option for porn lover show want to access porn content in countries where it is illegal. PORNX payments also allow consumers to purchase porn from the United States even while living in Asia. This cryptocurrency platform has millions of potential users due to the stigma around porn and the privacy porn consumers seek to maintain.

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