Today we will talk about a new startup company that is currently having an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) called This company offers “insights for smart decisions” but what does that mean?

What is

This is, basically, a business platform for companies that want insights to beat their competition. To put in an even simpler way, is a survey company that other companies hire to understand their own markets better with its help.

The company’s site states that the company uses blockchain data to find the most relevant people to ask a question and then rewards people who share their knowledge with honest answers at the same time that it highlights the ones who are holding back on their answers. Finally, it gives its clients a feedback about the market and that is discovered from the customers.

This process can help the companies that seek the services of to detect the technologies that could help them the most in a new project or to take management decisions that can affect the structure of the company. is currently engaged and focused on rating crypto companies, but its focus can get even bigger if needed.

How does Work?

Basically, the company uses its technology to simulate how people are going to answer the questions and choose their answers. Basically, it matches the answers of the questions asked on its surveys against the blockchain data that it already has to check the validity of these questions and determine an insight to sell for the client.

The creators of the company states that they have many uses for this technology. It can be used in the fintech market, industry 4.0, digital economy and intelligent enterprises.

You can use the technology to discover if you should invest in a new token, to know the growing sectors of emerging markets, have insights on what should your next products be, what kind of technology you should integrate to your existing projects, anticipate problems, etc.

It can even be used to know the best possible messages that can be sent to the customers of the company, how to enhance the morale inside it and even to find out if a person can be a suitable leader for the project.

The (PULS) Token Sale

This company is currently having a sale of its PULS tokens. The PULS tokens are utility tokens and are not backed by any real asset. They are being sold right now. About half of the 88,888,888 PULS tokens that will exist will be sold in the sale.

Much of the money raised in the ICO will be used for growth and on the platform (80%), while 15% will stay on reserve and some small amount of money will be used in legal expenses.

The sale is happening right. You can buy 1,600 PULS tokens with 1 ETH. This price will remain until May 12. The sale will continue until the half of the year but the price per token will surely be higher as time goes.

The Team

Lan Bui acts as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company;

Armando Geller is the Chief Operating Officer (COO),

Seyed Mussavi Rizi is the Chief Insight Officer (CIO),

Maciej Latek is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Other important members of include

Krystyna Mol (lead UX and design), Petro Vavyk (lead full stack developer),

Andrii Yakymiv (lead developer of blockchain),

Yurii Yakymiv (software developer),

Tetiana Baida (software developer),

Hugh Macmillian (marketing), Suheyla Bahsecever (sales) and

Philipp Koller (communications).

The Conclusion

The solutions offered by this company looks promising. An important question remains, though: will these solutions really work as well as advertised? Possibly the worst problem with companies that promise high-tech solutions is that you can never be really sure that their software is so good unless you try it.

It is considerably easier to trust in a giant like Google or in any established company than on a startup that might only have empty dreams. That said, looks like an interesting company that you might want to pay attention to.


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