While cryptocurrency is proving to be famous, most crypto enthusiasts are still yet aware of the types of tokens that could prove to be profitable. It may cross your mind when I mention that proof of stake tokens are some of the most beneficial crypto version the technology has to offer.

POS tokens offer several technical benefits, but the most important is the ability of the token to earn you dividends when holding them. Usually, the interest comes in staking the coins in a wallet that is stackable. In short, POS tokens allow for a perspective where you get to earn by just holding different cryptocurrencies. With the additional security of the blockchain, the dual benefits are more like an incentive to your holdings. Luckily, the blockchain is not short of such token ventures, and fortunately, we get to review a POS token platform for all the newcomers.

What Is Posya?

POSYA is a Proof-of-Stake crypto token where investors get to hold their tokens in an ERC-20 wallet and earn from a staking system on your holdings. The earning system works on rewarding the investors through the stakes of the platform's mining operation as per the number of coins they hold. The staking operates on a consensus system from where you confirm transactions before having them on the POSYA blockchain.

Ultimately the staking system also enforces a chronological structure of the POSYA blockchain to protect the neutrality of the network and reward the investors accordingly. Initially, proceeds from the ICO would go to buying the mining equipment to facilitate the mining operation which users will stand to gain from the profits. Each mining proceeds would go into a fair distribution among investors between intervals.

Posya POSYA Token ICO Details

Posya is holding and ICO in three phases.

  • Phase 1 Dates: 3/15/18 thru 03/23/18
  • Phase 2 Dates: 3/31/18 thru 4/21/18
  • Phase 3 Dates: 4/27/18 thru 05/21/18

You can purchase the tokens with Ethereum.

Posya Features

The POSYA token is the platform official crypto, with the leading features including:

  • A 5% monthly return for each investor, every month
  • An annual yield of 60%, which is assured by the platform
  • 94% of the ICO capital will go into investing in mining units around the world including Serbia, Georgia, and China.
  • POSYA has already taken the liberty to identify the best hardware for their operation with orders set to be official after the ICO
  • The mining equipment will opt to source clean and renewable energy such as solar to ensure its service is cost-effective

Posya Proof of Stake Energy Efficient Crypto Coin Benefits

Earn From The Proceeds-

The first visible gain from POSYA is staking method within the platform. With a 60% rate, it is one of the most profitable prices in the crypto markets.

Environmentally Friendly-

Typically crypto mining hardware often has chances of failure due to high temperatures. While other mining operations use water for cooling, POSYA will use an eco-friendly cooling system to avoid any risk of water spillage and consequently reduce the mining cost.


To ensure the mining operation is fully operational and secure, POSYA has equipped the mining centers with efficient surveillance systems for the investors to keep watch of the mining priority.

Posya Verdict

While the POSYA token does have enticing returns, the ultimate question lies in its ability to ensure indeed that it lives up to expectations. All-in-all, it is a viable plan, but most importantly due diligence is essential to ensure you don't invest in a blockchain venture without knowing the risks.

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