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In the realm of healthcare -especially in the Western World, very little is effectively available to the general public in terms of access to data files, network communications, disease prevention and more. With complex digital user interface, phone prompt labyrinths, and inability to have ease of access to medical records, many who seek health care support have been left with something to be desired. In fact, the set up of the current medical databases has left patients feeling disengaged and isolated from the elements of care, and physicians more harried than ever before.

This where PotionOwl comes in. PotionOwl is a blockchain database designed to enable consumers simplified access to engage with healthcare providers and tools across the globe. The system is P2P based, so users may have a more personalized experience in locating a proper health care provider relating to their symptoms as well as pseudonymity in order to protect the patients’ private data.

What Is Potion Owl?

The establishment of PotionOwl was inspired by the death of a friend of the creators. The individual was misdiagnosed with migraines when in actuality they were afflicted with brain tumors. Wishing to reduce cases of medical misinformation and malpractice, the developers began the project in 2014. The foundation of the platform integrates JavaScript, PHP, and Python and current HQ is located in Kingston, Jamaica.

The goal behind the technology was to create an ecosystem which paved the way for ease of access for participants to seek treatment in establishments central to their location, be it near home or while traveling, and for allied health practitioners to improve intel among treatment documentation and notation. Another example of the benefits of PotionOwl’s smart contracts is if an employer would happen to require a sick note from their employee during an absence. It also mitigates and could even nullify most cases of prescription fraudulence.

The White Paper is very quick to entail that both healthcare providers and patients seeking medical treatment understand that the platform is not an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) System. Still, despite this fact, the level of consumer interest and investment in PotionOwl has dramatically increased in major cities inside Jamaica.

Potion Owl PTN Token ICO Details

The official token for PotionOwl is labeled PTN, which caps at 50 million. Roughly, this is the equivalent of 5,000 ETH. The Presale begins March 22nd, 2018 and the main ICO starts July 5th, 2018. Naturally, the token’s purpose is fashioned to segue nodes throughout the smart contracts in the blockchain network. In terms of team recruitment equity, a projected 5 million PTNs will be allotted to the members, as well as another 5 million to the Ecosystem and various partnerships.

Potion Owl Team & Company

The team for PotionOwl is a smaller number, but has extensive backgrounds, particularly in JavaScript and web development. First on the list is Sanje Witter, whose talents lie in multiple programming languages and over a decade’s experience in Java Script in which supplemented his successes in building platforms for academic institutions and cultivating games catered to high school students.

Next is Soleil Lee who is nominated team designer and skillfully taught herself, while continuing to hone her skills via various projects throughout the years. Part of her roles also include customer care and PR.

A reputable powerhouse in the field of computer engineering is PotionOwl’s team member Akash Varlani. He holds over eight years experience working as a software engineer and also has developed web and mobile applications for several various IT operations.

Next is Ryan McMorris who essentially is the financial advisor for the PotionOwl board. His background is rooted in financial operations, and has talent with detail orientation and analysis. In field application, Ryan ascended the career ladder to manager in commercial and investment organizations, has been a part of health insurance advisement, and developed and oversaw his own financing company. He holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in Business Administration.

Oge Williams is the lead researcher in the operation and is considered the center point for the R&D department. His role requires continuous research and data collecting to be shared and broached in team meetings.

The final member of the PotionOwl committee is Matthew Hann whose mastery is in marketing, and obtained over seven years in visual communications, by embarking on different research projects across the Caribbean, North America, and the United Kingdom. In the realm of functional utilization, Matthew sought to build and endorse brand quality via cultural integration by hybridizing elements through telecommunications and spotlighting healthcare products. His other notable qualities are maintaining relationships in the business world both clients and partnership-wise, and has furthered the industry of success to enhance communication through simple tools and other savvy business practices.

Potion Owl Digital Healthcare Services Ecosystem Technology

The functionality of the system begins with focusing on the patient’s needs through a series of questions such as what symptoms they are experiencing, access to previous healthcare records, and available providers according to their location, just to exemplify a few inquiries in the step-by-step process.

The platform in which PotionOwl operates on is Neblio, which is reliable and highly compliant with the various programming scripts behind the development. As with the standard modus operandi of blockchains, the technology of the Neblio nodes is indicative for consumers to expect expediency, accessibility regardless of location, and also complete anonymity on the network outside of the private smart contracts with a healthcare practitioner.

Potion Owl Verdict

To sum it up, making the system of healthcare easier for all involved? Please, and thank you. How many people in the world actually enjoy completing what seems like endless amounts of paperwork, especially in the medical field? How much documentation has been lost throughout the current databases, how many hours lost for consumers to track down all providers over the seasons, yeah, you get the idea. Blockchain technology to simplify medical protocol and availability? Yes. Highly recommend blockchain users and data miners make efforts toward this project’s growth. It benefits all in the grand scheme.

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