If you have been looking for the most liquid asset-backed token that you can find in the market, then you should look at the Power Corp platform.

What Is PowerCorp?

Power Corp is the best option you could use to secure your mining lease today. It is because the company is able to manage about 2,000 semi-annual pre-leases that are available for over 10,000 power coins.

The company has put an incentive in place for the hungry investors in the market, when you buy in the very first two weeks you will be able to get extra six months on your lease. But if you’re not able to buy in the two-week window not to worry, if you purchase within the second two weeks campaign the company will also give you an extra three months. And in the near future, the company is planning on having fractional leases put in place.

How PowerCorp Cryptocurrency Power Coins Work

The Power coins on the platform are easily generated and also automatically issued, but this is only done once there is a receipt of a contribution made to the smart contract been run by the campaign. It could either be in Bitcoin or Ethereum or even the Waves Coins once it has been confirmed.

With this process put in place, the system it is able to protect the issued power coins from any fraud taking place. The platform also backs all the coins with real monetary value. At the moment the company is making some releases available to the public, and this is not all the company has been up to as it has an ICO taking place.

The ICO, the company is running, will be held on the Waves platform, which will be starting in October 2018. It will run until the hard cap of 500 million Power coins have been purchased. The number of coins the company would like to sell might seem a lot but as we know no investor just buys one coin, as this is a promising platform that will go places it is important that you mark the date on your calendar.

The 500 million coins for the company will be issued on a nominal price of about $0.50, a reasonable starting price if you are looking to invest in the platform. The companies own Pre-ICO will be in June this year, then the public ICO will be the next one to also watch out for in October.

The coins that will be sold on the ICO have been allocated in the following way. Investors will have 43%, 40% will be for asset acquisition for the treasury in the company, 10% for the founders, 5% will be for the advisors within the company and 2% for the bounty program. Thus, ensure you don’t miss out on the ICO as this is not an opportunity you would want to just pass you by.

PowerCorp PC Token & ICO Details

The WAVES platform has been designed as a decentralized platform on the blockchain technology, where they mainly focus on the user’s tokens. Various operators on the corresponding gateway have supported the payments that are made in national currencies on the platform. It is the reason for the company to use the platform to launch their ICO.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: PC
  • Token Sale Date: 6/19- 10/19
  • Exchange Rate: US$0.50
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 PC
  • Token Standard: WAVES

The Power Coin has been designed as an asset-backed token. To ensure transactions run smoothly the company has also created a Power vault that is able to pledge the physical and financial assets that are able to back the power chain.

PowerCorp Conclusion

The platform has been designed with various desirable features, it is from a power vault, a multi-crypto currency acceptance platform, to the fact that the company uses low-cost energy when mining. So if you are genuinely in search of a liquid asset backed by the blockchain technology, then this is one you should look into.

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