What Is Prasm?

Prasm is an artificial intelligence based decentralized bioinformatic network. Bioinformation is, basically, information about the human body and this platform was created with the goal of decentralizing how this information is used.

The company states that a centralized system gets the information but keeps it instead of sharing how it could be used to help the world. This way, the information is safely stored on the blockchain and tokenized for your reward. The information is analyzed by artificial intelligence and is used to upgrade medical information.

The platform connects you with service providers from all the places in the world and enables you to purchase devices, supplements and services in the field of health including aesthetics and treatments.

How Prasm Decentralized AI Bioinformatic Network Works

The platform has the objective of creating a decentralized system in which everybody can help everybody by using the blockchain technology. That happens because there is a system of mutual help that is aided by how the company works. A person gives its bioinformation to the company and then it is rewarded with tokens.

These tokens can, at their own time, allow this individual to buy services that will be developed by using the data that will be stored on the blockchain, which makes the value created on the platform go back to itself.

Participants will also receive information based on their bioinformation like recommended lifestyles that they should follow if they want to be more healthy or pay for wellness services. Many of these services will be made via third party partnerships with companies. The algorithms of the company will select the companies whose services match better the bioinformation given by the user.

This way, Prasm can be a decentralized platform in which people can give their data to basically help themselves at the same time that they will be able to help other people and the medical and scientific field.

Prasm Token ICO Details

The Prasm tokens will be sold to finance the development of the company. These tokens can be sold later when their prices are higher or you can use them on the platform. 50% of the total tokens will be sold in the sale and your bonus depends on how much you buy: 1,000-3,000 ETH: 5% bonus; 3,000-5,000 ETH: 7% and above 5,000 ETH, 10%.

The price of the tokens will 1 ETH for 70,000 tokens and you will also get additional discounts if you buy them soon. The discounts are 10% during the upcoming pre-sale and 5% during the initial phase of the Initial Coin Offering.

  • Token Symbol: PRASM
  • Token Sale Starts: 2018 Q3
  • Token Price: 1 ETH for 70,000 PRASM tokens
  • Total Supply: 2,000,000,000 PRASM tokens
  • Token Standard: ETH

Prasm Team And Partners

The team of the people who are behind this company is made of specialists in the fields of biology and technology: Tomoyuki Uchida, Kwon Yonghyun, Park Minsuk, Mar Reder, Kim Sunjin, Myung Kyungsuk, Raymond Kurshals, Kim Jinhong, Tan Ti Kai and Edwin Chang. The advisors are Bill Choi, Park Hyunsuk, Terence Loh and Marco Poliquin.

The main investors and partners of the company DNA Link, Bio, Creatip, Vstro, Blockchain Times, Fitflow, Klinik Mediskin, Smart Trade, Sky Medicus, Halo and Novena Global Lifecare.

Prasm Conclusion

This company offers an interesting option for the people who want to help in the development of the medical findings about the human condition at the same time that they can be actually paid to get tips on how to be healthier. Because of this, it looks to us like Prasm is a decent investment for this type of people.

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