Every day through Television and various media channels, the world around us is portrayed as callous, self-seeking, inimical and devoid of benevolence and humanity.

Events and information, which are often focused on few individuals or a group of people, are frequently misrepresented, exaggerated and taken out of context for various reasons such as political/religious bias or simply because sensationalism sells. We've created a vehicle of information premised upon profiteering through exploitation and manipulation of human emotions.

Prcption Travel has been documenting real-life people of the world since 2014, producing over 150 videos from across 16 countries, and found that people around the world far-removed from all the yellow journalism are super happy! They've discovered that there's more smiling than all the war, terrorism and fear that TV or social media would have us believe is tearing the world apart.

Seeking to help use share our experiences person-to-person with pure intentions, instead of perceiving our view of the world through a corporate filter bubble, PRCPTION travel is building a media platform to humanize the communities of our world, to tell the story of our humanity, from the eyes & ears of the people themselves.

How Does PRCPTION Work?

PRCPTION presents a side of the world that is not often broadcasted: smiling people following their passions, collaborating with one another, and developing a more sustainable, efficient, and practical future.

It is a non-profit organization producing media, fostering education, and innovating digital solutions in order to strengthen communities around the world. As a crowd-sourced media platform, it allows us to discover each other, connect and share our stories through a peer-to-peer network.

Users will be able to explore various topics on the platform sorted by locations, organizations and intentions, observe the happenings of local communities and connect with people from all over the world by witnessing their perception.

Through crowd-sourced sharing protocols, anyone can capture, compile and share their story as an experience with mobile video. Users earn PRCPTION tokens for sharing their own perception or for viewing videos from other spheres of activity.

By gamifying a reputation token to incentivize the sharing of human experience, PRCPTR0N empowers individuals to experience the world while enabling communities of any scale to develop their own self-sustainability using media as proof of their activities.

PRCPTION has various active outreach programs including a children's creative cooperation summer camp, music camp, internship program and a fundraising project using local community goods.


Community nodes – Individuals can create their own community nodes, which can be either physical or digital, to act as a hub for intentions, locations, causes, organizations, etc.

Individuals –

Voluntourists, travelers, and tourists alike can locate projects & communities of verified reputation to collaborate with or contribute to. Experiences contribute to a user’s reputation keychain while offering a fresh perspective of the world, networking, and even ideas to kickstart new media projects of their own.

Networking –

As a distributed ledger of media participation, PRCPTR0N allows for communities, organizations, NGOs, etc, to prove with whom & on what they have been working. The database will serve as a tool for others to digitally experience other areas of the world in order to bring services, workshops, collaborations, products, etc.

Reputation Keys –

Reputation is earned through visual media and written references, created by and for real people of different networks in any language, and verified by the established community members in any given region.

How To Get Involved?

PRCPTION is working hard to get their project on the road as soon as possible, by following all applicable laws all around the world and following suit as a non-profit public charity.

Benevolent individuals who are interested in getting involved with the project and help in any capacity, financial or otherwise, can visit to get in touch with the team or make a donation in Bitcoin or Ethereum.


  • Jordan Urbanovich – Chief YOLO
  • John Hanacek – User Experience
  • Matt Terwall – Accounting
  • John Scalia Jr. – Initiatives
  • Tessa Raye – Communications

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