It is evident that our current social media platforms are still facing plenty of challenges even though they seem somewhat stable. From the revenue-based ads to the recent data breaches, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are finding it difficult to much up to the massive scales they have achieved throughout the world. However, this enormous scale comes at a price, and it is evident that our current technology cannot handle the amount of input needed to sustain the users.

Fortunately, these networks can utilize blockchain technology, and as we get to witness, there are ventures already out with their social community versions on the blockchain. Here is one such model that plans to compete with the likes of Facebook for a share of the market.

What Is Presiam?

Presiam is a blockchain-based social networking site that will have users share, interact and engage with their crypto world app. The social platform aims to utilize the blockchain technology to eliminate the challenges we often witness with the existing social media models and in return support more adoption and understanding of cryptocurrency in a more natural manner. Ultimately, premium hopes that blockchain will help build a social network that has the user in mind, rather than focus on making a profit for the parent company.

Presiam Blockchain Social Networking App Features

To achieve their goals, Presiam will incorporate the following features on its network.

  • Crypto exchange-to allows for liquidity of the cryptocurrency, Presiam provides for an exchange that facilitates the trade of the crypto token (PRSM) with other forms of cryptocurrencies and fiat currency.
  • An e-wallet- the PRSM wallet will offer a storage safety measures for the users
  • Crypto mining-another component within the PRSM app is the PRSM mining option that allows users to mine the tokens through their own mobile devices automatically.
  • PRSM dashboard-the dashboard allows for the typical features of the most basic of social media platforms like liking comments, videos, images, and feeds of your friends.
  • PRSM publisher-any revenue generated by the Presiam platform goes into a detailed report from where users can identify if the revenue sharing models were authenticating.

Presiam Benefits

  • Privacy of your data since blockchain technology allows for a tamper-proof and remote database of information.
  • Fast transactions since blockchain technology do not rely on third-party institutions to verify the payments
  • Revenue sharing models allow for users to gain a 50/50 share of all the revenue generated by the platform
  • Liquidity of the PRSM token is available through the crypto exchange

Presiam PSRM Token ICO Details

Presiam will be holding an ICO for their PSRM tokens. The pre-sale is scheduled to start on July 1st. You can invest during the crowdsale using Ethereum and will receive your PSRM tokens immediately after purchase.

Allocation Of Funds


  • Development – 45%
  • Marketing – 30%
  • Operations/Admin – 12%
  • Legal – 10%
  • Reserves/Liquidity – 3%


Presiam Conclusion

While there is plenty of potential in how Presiam could replace social sites such as Facebook and Twitter, there is still more to do for the venture. However, the use of cryptocurrency does not make up for real future possibility as the underlying question is whether we need another social media version to use. Ultimately, it is evident that a blockchain-based social community is what we need in the future if it can meet the challenges we are experiencing right now.

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