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Pressco (PRO) is an e-commerce startup which launched in March 2017 with over 60 e-commerce stores across Europe.

To build an E-shop yourself, you need to create your designs, manage advertising, product manufacturing, shipping, customer support and put in a lot of time and resource consuming effort. With the help of their product design, web design and marketing mean, Pressco solves all of the problems communities face when starting their own clothing and merchandise line.

Promotional clothing and merchandise markets have shown constant growth since its first practice in the 19th century. The two largest markets in recent times are US and European markets with a combined market value closing in on $40 billion. Lack of human and financial resources, weak designing capabilities and large minimum order quantities are the key barriers for millions of small and medium communities who want to start selling their personalized clothing and merchandise. As a result, the majority of them hold back from running their e-store, although the right tools could make it eminently profitable.

For smaller communities, such as a local sports club with only 100 people, it would be too expensive to learn everything regarding what it would take to launch a successful community clothing line. Considering the barriers to entry, the majority of the small and medium communities around the world refuse to run their own clothing/merchandise brands.

About Pressco

Pressco aims to solve these problems and break down barriers to entry for these businesses through:

Product Design

Pressco designers design custom-sewed designs according to community's size and potential. The designing team also provides all of the necessary visuals for both the e-shop and further marketing and communication.


Pressco's web developers create online shops with fully-integrated payment system based on its local currency and payment methods.

Product Manufacturing –

Utilizing their wide array of machinery, Pressco produce and decorate a variety products, with enough equipment to keep the turnaround time for all products under 48 hours.

Promotion –

By consulting with organizations, Pressco marketing team helps with promotions, creating high-converting ad campaigns, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media channel a community may have.

Customer Support –

Every customer receives 24/7 Pressco support via live chat, email or phone consultations and support is available in French, German, English and other languages on demand.

Profitability –

Community owners receive 50% of monthly profits.

Brand owners simply provide Pressco with the rights to sell under the brand name and an effective way to reach their community members. In exchange for brand name and target audience, brand owners receive 50% of profits monthly. The model gives Pressco an incredible opportunity to have an unlimited number of e-commerce stores representing different brands from all around the globe while generating a huge number in sales each month.

“PRO” token holders will earn the right to participate in a closed Pressco affiliate program. By finding local communities who are interested in Pressco services, they will earn a percentage and increase the value of the token. Model is defined individually with a “PRO” token holder, since there are many factors to consider. Pressco aims to use the power of the crowd (“PRO” token holders) in order to rapidly scale the business and grow the value of the token.

The Pressco Team

  • Deividas Daubaris – Co-Founder
  • Eimantas Balciunas – Co-Founder
  • Germantas Dikcius – Co-Founder
  • Povilas Kuklys – CTO
  • Elena Kanarskaite – Creative Designer

Pressco ICO Details

Pressco Conclusion

Startups with proof of concept is a rarity in the booming ICO scene. Pressco has been in operation for over 6 months and has a clearly defined roadmap for plans ahead, seeking to explore the global e-commerce marketspace within the next 2 years. An ambitious project from an assiduous team with boundless potential.


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