PREVISIONe is the first worldwide blockchain platform for people who are wishing to access forecasts from predictors. As a result of using the blockchain technology, smart contracts as well as statistic technology will enable users to choose the most quality predictor by applying estimations and statistical data on the evaluations of predictors.

Additionally, users are in a position of getting access to forecasts from their preferred predictors through video communication, voice communication, and email as well as through text chats. For events which may be of interest to many people, like results of sports competitions or political campaigns, users will be able to send questions to many predictors with experience.

PREVISIONe Key Features

  • Accuracy of prediction: by making use of the blockchain technology as well as a well-designed system which is developed by the company, users are able to see the honesty indicators of the accuracy of prediction in real time.
  • Rapid payouts: The blockchain technology as well as the smart contract will make the payments and receipts of compensations in a secure and fast manner.
  • Smart statistics: the company’s more than twenty performance indexes will provide users with easy access to indicators which were necessarily not previously available to any prediction platform in the entire world as a whole.
  • Low commission rate: the company’s use of smart contract and blockchain gives significance to the reduction of platform commission. This is beneficial to the users, when compared to the conventional prediction services.
  • Bonus rewards program: as a result of close interaction with the platform, users will be in a position of receiving rewards within the PVS tokens, which an individual can spend on predictions or exchange to yet another currency and finally withdraw if one so wishes.
  • Ease of use: the intuitive interface of PREVISIONe permits users and predictors to comfortably use the platform. Additionally, the in-built wallets permit easy, fast and secure exchange of fiat money or cryptocurrency to PVS.

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Smart Statistics and Blockchain

Smart statistics is an integrated statistical solution that includes a set of tools. It is basically a subsystem which is designed for tracking an assortment of indicators as well as variables in PREVISIONe. The modern intelligent interactive graphical user interface represents relevant blockchain information including other smart statistics subsystems data.

Additionally, the ‘paid survey’ subsystem covers all users, which in many ways guaranteed a high level of accuracy and quality of reviews. PREVISIONe also prides itself in having the ‘smart map’ subsystem which goes a long way in providing displays of the collected statistical indexes within a geographical cross-section.

This therefore means that as far as it is concerned, PREVISIONe’s smart statistics system is in a position of providing complete information with accurate and truthful indicators about professionalism of predictors. This, in many ways, is beneficial to users who are keen on using the service of the company to ensure they get accurate information.

Many of its users’ hail PREVISIONe for granting them the opportunity to see the accuracy of any predictor’s work, as well as other indicators on the platform. This significantly plays a key role when making any meaningful decision. Consequently, every predictor will be forced to up their game and ensure their efficiency is improved.

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