PreVUE Blockchain ICO (SDA Token) Review: Digital Advertising Coin?

What Is PreVUE Blockchain?

PreVUE is a new company that is built for programmatic digital advertising. It’s built for advertisers by advertisers and works for both the publishers and the viewers.

How PreVUE Blockchain Digital Advertising Coin Works

PreVUE is owned and operated by Dadhbid Media, a proven team company & team. The company DashBid Media Inc. is the one company behind PreVUE Blockchain that is a now proven player in the industry with long term goals of being a major player in the programmatic advertising arena.

They’ve been in operation for over half a decade, starting back in 2013. The company has made more than $70,000,000 worth of advertising revenue, the team running the show is leading the way for the company to become even more successful and to grow bigger than ever. The anticipated success is one of the key drivers of the evolution to PreVUE’s Blockchain technology. And they are a team who is driven to succeed no matter what it takes.

Advertising is something that will always be here. There will never be a part of history in which running ads doesn’t exist, not having a major impact on the way humanity is affected. And this doesn’t make advertising a bad thing by any means. It’s a great system that is somewhat broken and could use some serious work to get it on track. And it’s because of that the industry doesn’t consider given all parties involved in advertising the ability to be compensated.

The way PreVUE looks at it, you should be getting compensated for your participation in watching ads operate. The solution they’ve developed is one built on blockchain technology, and through its use – there is a way to solve the current dilemma that is happening with advertising platforms. Dashbid is a now viable way and somewhat valuable solution in the PreVUE Blockchain that believes in delivering fair value exchanges between all parties participating in the advertising arena.

Viewers are specifically who they are focused at. With their own virtual identity, PreVUE believes that advertisers will have to pay a significant amount of cash to you for watching their ads. Advertisers will benefit from this buy getting more relevant viewing customers who will actually benefit from their ads and be more likely to participate in it.

Publishers as well will be able to have access to larger opportunities in a much simpler way. And through reconciliation by way of transparency, they will be able to operate with satisfaction and confidence. Everyone who uses the platform is promised to win when they participate with PreVUE.

PreVUE Blockchain SDA Token ICO Details

As of right now, the company is in pre-sale ICO and runs for another ten days. You can buy the SDA tokens on the company website.

Who Is Behind PreVUE Blockchain?

At this time, there is no information on who is behind PreVue or where they are located at. This isn’t the best sign by any account, but hopefully they will soon be able to give us a reason to trust them and their platform.

PreVUE Blockchain Conclusion

The Pre-Sale of PreVUE is now live, and if you’re looking for a quality company who is 100% honest and transparent, PreVUE could be it, however, there is also some speculation because the team hasn’t been disclosed. But, since they are backed by an already successful company – it’s a safe bet that Pre-Vue is safe and can be trusted, you can learn more about the company at

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