About PrideCoin

PrideCoin was built with the intention of creating an all-in-one social network platform that is decentralized and completely secure, providing you with a next level user experience. The idea came into existence keeping in mind the struggle that the LGBTQ community faces.

This platform plans to make sure that that the LGBTQ community gets equal human rights like everyone else. It is a platform where oppressed minorities across the world can express their views without being banned or shut down by any government or religious authority. Apart from freedom of speech or views, users can also do freelancing work and be engaged in any sale or crypto banking. It is totally secure and no one can trace any activity, which is typical of how most crypto coins work.

PrideCoin ICO is mainly the sale of a brand-new cryptocurrency. The company r

aises funds in advance for starting their project and provides users with coins on exchange for their support.

Benefits Of PrideCoin

1. Instant Chat And Anonymity

The platform allows users to start instant chatting with an encrypted service that does not allow any leakage of information while chatting, thus providing easy communication. Moreover, users will be able to enable and disable the option of surfing anonymously anytime they want. As a result, users from the LGBTQ community will not face any trouble expressing their views with each other.

2. VPN And Security

PrideCoin makes use of built-in VPN technology that provides assurance for users that they will remain completely anonymous while using the social network platform. Also, the whole system is decentralized and adds a stronger security assurance to the users.

3. Shopping And Crowdfunding

If users want to shop freely without the fear of getting banned or threatened, PrideCoin is the ultimate safe and secure platform. It is a great place for people who are involved in start-ups and investors to meet and discuss their ideas or trvade currency. Crowdfunding for start-ups and different investments can be safely conducted using this platform.

4. Jobs And Events

Users of the PrideCoin platform can apply for any job and get employed after the ICO in exchange of XPR. XPRs are tokens that are used as currencies the users pay or get paid in. In this case, people applying for jobs will get paid using XPR.

Also, different private and public events can be organized by users where others can attend and contribute to them.

5. Matchmaking

This is a really fun and useful feature that this platform holds as a benefit. With the help of specially designed complex algorithms, users can have the opportunity to find their potential loved ones and hook up with them. This is important for the LGBTQ community especially because matchmaking for them in real life, outside these platforms, is difficult as it is seen as a crime by many religious and government authorities.

PrideCoin Conclusion

The main aim of the PrideCoin ICO project is to help spread the message of the LGBTQ community and build up a more tolerant, equal, inclusive, and better society for peace and a brighter future. People from the LGBTQ community, especially the youth, can live peacefully and get involved in different kinds of activities over the internet, without being abused or threatened.

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