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Leverage trading enables a trader to control a large amount of money by borrowing from a broker. Margin and leverage are very important to traders as they determine the amount of money one invests. Margin is a kind of a loan that enables a trader to enter large trades by leveraging the funds invested by said trader.

In this case, leverage exposes a trader to a larger amount of money or market to the amount they first invested. A trader has to first open a margin account to access this “loan.” Prime XBT provides such a feature on its platform for its traders. Leverage is usually in the form of a ratio. It can be expressed in 50:1, 100:1 or 200:1 or simply 2%, 1% or 2% respectively. This percentage is against the cash available for trade.

What Is Prime XBT?

Prime XBT puts a trader in a position to trade securely against small movements in price or to propel them to larger trades that they could access. A trader has the opportunity to trade in major cryptocurrencies without having to invest large sums of money. This feature on the platform will help expand a trader’s capital. With 100:1 for example, a trader will only have to invest 1% of a $100,000 position, which is $1000.

Why Use Prime XBT Bitcoin Trading Platform With 100x Leverage?

Leverage Calculator

The leverage calculator will help a trader to invest effectively by calculating the exact amount one can buy based on the capital available. This feature allows a trader to use just a fraction of the capital to gain profit as any other traditional trade.


With the margin provided, the trader gains magnified profits as compared to what they could have gained from the original capital. This is a good feature for traders such that when the platform takes their percentage of the profits, the trader is still left with a neat sum of money as profit.


Gearing is the act of increasing capital by borrowing money to get or produce more money. It is a company’s financial leverage, or the amount of debt compared to equity ratio of an investor. In this case, an investor is able to free up some of his capital for other investments.

Gaining From Market Fluctuations

Using the leverage offered by Prime XBT will help a trader to invest when the market is falling or when it is rising, which is a double benefit for investors.

For instance, when the market prices are high, you take the difference in price of the profits if the shares have increased in value. The same applies when the market prices go lower and the prices have still increased in value.

How Prime XBT Works

Prime XBT offers the best trading platform for both novice and professional traders. Trading fees are low, offering a leverage of 1:100 with tight spreads and very low commission rates. These rates are for trading Ethereum, Bitcoin, EOS, Litecoin, and Ripple.

It has a fully customizable, user- friendly interface. It is intuitive with a multi-monitor support. Additionally, Prime XBT has a charting engine that has a variety of indicators and ability to trade directly from the chart with multiple chart types.

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