PrimeBall Lotto

Prime Ball is a lottery operated on the Ethereum blockchain via smart contracts. Instead of buying raffle tickets, you will be able to use ETH to pay for the bets, which simplifies the process. Also, the company decided to develop the service on the Ethereum blockchain because it will make it completely transparent and fair.

What Is PrimeBall?

This company was conceived by a group of friends from many continents that have already worked together before on projects in the agricultural and financial fields. After working together for quite some time, the team perceived that they could use their abilities to create a project that would be able to make betting safer.

By using blockchain technology, they can eliminate the most untrustworthy part of the process of gambling: how the winners are selected. This way, you will be able to be completely sure that anybody who wins at Prime Ball will be really lucky and that no manipulations will be ever made.

Prime Ball is a platform that was developed with the single objective of being completely fair, honest and verifiable, so it would create an environment that could really be good for everyone involved in it.

Playing PrimeBall Decentralized Crypto Smart Contract Raffle

To play Prime Ball, you will need to use a desktop computer with either Chrome or Firefox. Unfortunately, mobile versions and other browsers are not compatible with this program. You will need MetaMask, which is a digital wallet created especially for apps and Ethereum to buy the product.

To play, you do not even need to register, just click in the “play now” option on the blog. If there is no current Draw open on the site, you will be able to switch to the notify me” option. After starting to play, you will need to buy a ticket, which you can do by using the ETH on your MetaMask wallet to pay for it. The prices generally change with time.

You will be able to buy up to 13 tickets using the same wallet until the draw is made. If you have any problems, you should contact the support of the company to solve them.

Is It Really Safe To Use PrimeBall?

Yes. Smart contracts are one of the safest ways to make transactions online because they are automated and you cannot ask for chargebacks. This makes them a really good way to take the human element out of the equation when you are dealing with transactions.

The smart contracts use a random number generator program that was created by the own company to generate the numbers that are drawn. If you want, you can access the smart contract code to be sure that it does not have any malicious intent.

PrimeBall Lotto Verdict

This looks to be a good site if you want to bet. By using the Ethereum technology, the creators of this company were able to create a product that does not have the same issues that online casinos normally did until the blockchain technology changed the market. Also, there is still not a lot of people participating, which means that your chances of winning can be better.

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