PrimeStar is the world’s first investment platform in the cryptocurrency market that provides movie fans with the opportunity to invest in Hollywood projects that have the potential to be commercially successful. Through global marketing and public relations, it aims at bringing two billion fans to the blockchain world.

Investors will have a choice of movies or films that involve their favorite directors or actors. Currently, PrimesStar is working on projects that include A-listed actors like Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Chris Pratt,  and George Clooney just to name but a few.

Return On Investment Plans By PrimeStar

The returns on investment provided by PrimeStar will depend on the profits acquired from the film’s box office sales, DVD and Blue Ray sales, rights to TV, video on demand, and other sources of income relating to the film.

Unique advantages that the platform’s participants will have include invitation to the film’s premier, visiting the set during filming, and interaction with the actors through exclusive events. The platform will not only be beneficial to the movie fans but also to the directors and actors as it will give them more choices, make them independent, and also closer to their fans. Burnt Trail, The Puzzle and By Presidential Order, are some of the projects that PrimeStar is intending to finance.

PrimeCoin Utility Token

The utility token of the platform is the PrimeCoin. The token sells for $0.15. However, for investments of more than $100,000 before April 11, each PrimeCoin will be $0.10.

Investors who own the token will have the following advantages:

  • Opportunity to take any action on the platform
  • They can purchase StarMovieCoin tokens at a discount. The StarMovieCoin token is a digital legal contract between the investors and the platform. The contract arises as soon as the investor acquires the token. This gives the investor an opportunity to receive dividends of the film they have invested in
  • They will get the opportunity to receive special bonuses depending on the tokens they have. Bonuses include online and offline meeting with the stars.
  • The will be the first to know about new films and will get to choose which films should be released on the platform.
  • Token owners could trade on the on the Singapore crypto-currency exchange SDEX.SG

Why Invest In PrimeStar?

Guaranteed returns: The returns from the investment in PrimeStar can be guaranteed, as it only presents its investors with feature films that have a strong commercial appeal and that meet the specific criteria to become commercially successful.

Multiple investment opportunities
: PrimeStar will offer to its investors a large selection of movies that they could invest in on a single platform.

Decision-making: Investors are allowed to participate in the decision making process within the framework.

Collaborations: PrimeStar is intending to working with A-listed Hollywood production companies and celebrities. Through the collaborations, the investors will be able to directly communicate with actors, directors, or authors.

Diversity: It provides investment opportunity for investors all around the world as its market is large and diverse.

Financial effectiveness: It uses a tested business model that is used by the top Hollywood companies, which will enable it become part of the global market.

Experienced team and advisors: PrimeStar has a highly qualified team and advisors who will ensure that investments are well managed and are profitable for the investors.

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