Princeton University’s Online Bitcoin Course Attracts More Than 9,000 Students

Princeton University is giving a free online course related to virtual currencies and Bitcoin that is already teaching more than 9,000 students from different countries. The main intention behind this course is to help students differentiate facts from fiction in the crypto space.

Arvind Narayanan, the course lecturer, wants to teach students with a solid technical knowledge of how Bitcoin (BTC) works. Students will also be learning what determines Bitcoin’s price and how software interacts with the whole network.

Some of the main topics in the course will be cryptographic building blocks, Bitcoin’s consensus mechanism, Bitcoin protocol, how to store Bitcoin, Bitcoin mining, Bitcoin anonymity, Bitcoin and politics and law enforcement agencies, regulatory issues, altcoins and the crypto market and decentralization.

This course was launched back on September 4, 2015, and it is an 11-week-long class that is free to audit. The course requires a background in programming to be able to perform some assignments. According to some commentators, it requires around 18 hours to be completed.

There are many universities around the world that are starting to offer crypto and blockchain-related courses to students. There are more companies and agencies searching for experts in virtual currencies, but the number of analysts is still limited.

With more courses related to cryptocurrencies, the intention is to provide the necessary tools to understand how the market works and how blockchain technology has the potential to change several industries.

Some of the countries with universities offering crypto-related courses are Australia, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, France the United States, Cyprus, the United Kingdom and many others. In the future, the educational and professional offer is expected to keep growing.

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