The developers of PrivacyStake have closely watched the crypto world grow steadily through the years. Since 2016, the lending and staking platforms have become quite popular. However, many still have many legal issues. With the crypto markets experiencing explosive growth, governments globally are taking a keen interest in the sector. In 2018, lending platforms got a bad reputation after Davor and BitConnect were shut down due to government scrutiny. PrivacyStake bills itself has the solution for this issue.

About PrivacyStake

PrivacyStake wants to replace the lending and staking platforms that exist with a safer and faster option. This will also include safe transactions for a minimal fee. Most platforms that exist today pay investors using USD or their own token when they participate in their lending program.

The developers of PrivacyStake believe that if they are to succeed, this cannot be the solution. PrivacyStake aims to be a business that is fully compliant will all laws. However, it will also ensure that those who participate are anonymous and safe from government snooping.

A Platform with a Difference

The main goal of the developers is to be the biggest platform for staking purposes. It intends to beat the competition by creating a sustainable platform. By sustainability, they do not mean a short two year period. What they want is a platform, which will last decades. They believe that this is possible since they are quite different from existing platforms.

This platform offers a privacy staking option where all your actions will remain anonymous. Through this program, you will earn a weekly interest that is paid in privacy coins. The profits can then be reinvested or withdrawn to a personal wallet. The privacy coins will ensure that all your transactions are anonymous and untraceable.

The Returns

Before PrivacyStake can start its journey, the PIVS tokens will need to be distributed. The PIVS tokens will be offered during the ICO that will start on 1 April. Once the tokens are listed on the external exchanges, investors will be free to sell their tokens.

This is just one of the ways via which users will be able to make a profit. They will also be at liberty to join the staking program where they can stake PIVS for privacy coins. If you want to make the most profit, you will need to do long-term staking. The interest can be as high as 15% a week, depending on which program you pick. Market forces will determine the price of PIVS tokens. You can choose to hold your PIVS tokens and sell them at a time when you think the price is high enough.

PrivacyStake In Conclusion

The platform gives members the chance to stake their PIVS in return for privacy coins. When a member chooses the highest package, they can make as much as 225% in 15 weeks. If you wish to grow the profits, you can plough back the profits. However, you can also withdraw all your funds. The payments are made in PIVX, Dash, or Monero.

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