OPEN Joins KuCoin To Open Doors To Fellow Supporters

The OPEN token sale was supposedly successful, as it raised over $250 million dollars. Unfortunately, several of its followers were unable to participate in the private sale, therefore OPEN decided it was important for everyone to have access. To do so, OPEN has officially partnered up with KuCoin today at 10 AM.

OPEN is now adding KuCoin, a cryptocurrency exchange, to its list of partners. The team strongly believes that is only fair to create opportunities for those who have been truly supportive of the project since its introduction. The team also went on to say that joining KuCoin creates a reputable image and that investors of all levels are likely to be comfortable due to its ease of use.

As for the listing, users will now be able to trade OPEN/ETH and OPEN/BTC. To ensure that the trading experience, especially for novices, is neither too complicated nor confusing, OPEN announced that it will release a guide with adequate instructions.

According to the claims made, OPEN follows a specific direction that aims towards redesigning how on-chain payments are made and processed, especially in the context of app-to-app communication. The team believes that OPEN’s ability to make payments a simple task – even without the need to acquire prior knowledge on blockchain technology – is what makes it unique.

It appears that the foundation of OPEN relies on exchanges like KuCoin, as the entire team views it to be the bridge to help the mass population adapt to cryptocurrencies. In addition, a live Scaffolding product is apparently available as well, therefore allowing users to purchase OPEN tokens can help to develop and further promote growth for the project as a whole.

OPEN’s decision clearly reflects decentralization, which some blockchain-based tokens have failed to achieve. In addition to ensuring that everyone has an equal chance, OPEN’s partnership with KuCoin is commendable, as the crypto exchange focuses heavily on transparency.

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