What Is PROCHAIN Prabox?

Prochain is a platform built for transparent digital advertising. The platform aims at connecting a number of advertisers, developers, and the media in order to improve the efficiency of the advertising business. It also seeks to reduce losses uncured in advertising traffic fraud cases to make sure all parties that are involved in the platform maximize profits through the sharing of digital advertising.

Advertisers use smart contract technology to monitor clearly the effect created by their advertisement. The platform's payment scheme is trusted and automatic. The platform supports real time intelligence for the settlement of contracts according to the effect they have on the users of the platform thus reducing the period of downstream to get rid of contract disputes. Domestic advertisers with businesses overseas can use the platforms tokens as payment and thus solving problems brought about by cross border payment settlement services.

How PROCHAIN Blockchain Smart Contract Data Tracking System Works

The whole construction chain of prochain contains a full amount of data tracking system that minimizes traffic fraud in online advertising. The system uses cluster analysis, similarity-fingerprint recognition model, apparatus of construction, and a unique POSt mechanism in order to identify virtual machines, high-risk devices, and farm equipment. The tracking system also brings a distinction between normal and abnormal user behavior thus leading to the elimination of fraud and counterfeit traffic.

The platform provides innovative production relations that cut the costs of intermediaries completely. Since the data of the platform is transparent and traceable, advertisers can easily know if the people who viewed their advertisement are their target audience or not. The payments on the platform for watching advertisements are also very direct and instant.

The platform's tokens are called PRA tokens and are in line with the ERC20 standard on the Ethereum blockchain. The tokens are the main currency and can freely be traded on the platform. Advertisers can purchase the tokens through an online digital currency exchange and use them to put their advertisements on the platform. Users of the platforms will receive rewards in terms of PRA tokens for their participation in the platform through the watching of advertisements.

PROCHAIN Prabox Benefits


The platform contains a leading anti-fraud technology with a chain tracking system for the whole platform. The technology combines the spider and stream computing using the machine learning modeling method that monitors the behavior of the users and allows advertisers to identify the false flow of the advertisements.

Avoid Agencies

The platform uses blockchain technology, which ensures the data is transparent and highly encrypted. Companies can easily identify their target audience for their advertisements and avoid agents when it comes to paying bonuses to their customers.


Smart contract technology allows the users to instantly settle payments on the platform. This improves the credibility of the platform. An instant payment also settles the burden of cross border settlement s in business.

Experienced Team

Team members of the platform have an experience of an average of four years in blockchain. The team was also in participation during the development of BTS and the big data-monitoring platform for blockchain.

PROCHAIN Prabox PRA Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token symbol: PRA
  • Accepted payment method: ETH
  • Total token supply: 100,000,000
  • ICO: 10,000,000

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