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Starting out as an ardent cryptocurrency investor, but wary that your little investment might foot the dinner bill of a scammer today?

If you’re just starting your voyage into the rapidly expanding world of cryptocurrency, then you better buckle up and exercise caution while there. Scammers are on the loose, posing as legit businesses to take advantage of many people’s naivety and steal their funds.

The crypto-sphere it is indeed a wild world where there’s no regulator, and nobody is your kinsman. Amidst the many legit exchanges, ICOs, wallets and crypto-trading bots are Ponzi schemes, fake exchanges, and hyper-risky HYIP websites. And one of them, currently under our watchful eyes is

What is Procoin Crypto?

Posing as a UK-based crypto investment company, Procoin Crypto introduces itself as a “rapidly creating financier firm” in the lending sector (or something like that). Further, the company alleges to offer several other financial instruments. It then adds a few lines of jargon and incomprehensible English seemingly as a convenience.

All these don’t appear a tad like what it proposes to be. In fact, we haven’t fully deciphered what this investment company does!

Consider what I’ve Directly Paraphrased from the Official Website – claims to have been founded in 2015, according to its ‘About Us’ page. It was founded with the main aim of advancing the UK’s agenda of productive enterprises and offers ‘lease financing.’ It has, however, diversified into offering other financial services, according to the same page.

Still, the website alleges that the ‘UK company house permits the company behind this rather “ingenious” business idea.’ On December 22, 1999, the ‘UK company house,’ gave the Pro Coin Crypto the license to transact financial businesses under the Financial institutions Act 1993.

It’s somewhat awkward that the joke goes too far when this website alleges that this barely-a-week-old site is listed on the London Stock Exchange. It claims its chief stakeholders are unnamed industrialists, corporate houses and members of the public.

I would go on and on and on, but the whole website is a stinking joke!

About the Investment Plan

Looking at the purported “Profitable & Reliable Investment Plan,” you won’t fail to notice how it is set to attract and deceive those looking for get-rich-quick-schemes. For instance, when you deposit any amount less than $50000 and relax for 12 hours, your funds will miraculously earn 10% Hourly profits for 12 hours. Other plans include 150% profits after one day, 300% profits after three days, 900% after ten days, and, of course, the mother of them all – 7,500% profits after 30 days!

In a sick attempt to show it is indeed a lucrative investment opportunity, the site has two columns of Deposits and Withdrawals. Participants deposit meager amounts, maximum being $35, but withdraw $988.78.

Everything about seemingly suggests to one glaring fact – Ponzi scheme. And it is clear that from the promise of generous payouts, poor English, the site having no owners and being poorly designed.

Parting Shot With Procoin Crypto

Remember, this platform accepts deposits made from eight major cryptocurrency types, including BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, and DASH. This means any amount of cash you send can’t be recovered. If you think it is an excellent investment platform, please invest what you can afford to lose.

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