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Most people that want to get into crypto trading are unfamiliar with the exchange rates and what ways that this type of currency helps them. Realistically, it can cost thousands of dollars to get a healthy amount of coins or tokens in the crypto wallet of the user’s choice, which makes it more exclusive that necessary.

What if there were a way to receive cryptocurrency without having to invest anything? That is what PRO (Professional Retail Offering) is proposing.

What is Procommerce PRO?

Proclaiming themselves the “future of commerce,” Procommerce PRO helps to simplify everything around crypto-trading. The company rewards participants for the way that they spend, though there are benefits for merchants that participate as well. Instead of making direct purchases, consumers are afforded the chance to essentially use their current shopping habits to transition into cryptocurrency.


PROcurrency is the coin available with PRO. As participants of the project spend with their links accounts, they will receive PRO Rewards via rebate while they shop. This is meant to replace the option to get cash back on purchases, which is what the majority of credit and debit card companies offer.

Procommerce PRO Coin Distribution

PRO’s coin distribution is finite, which means that investors will only be able to accumulate the coins until they are all purchased. There will be a Pro Rewards incentive program available as well, which holds some of the coins.

Typically, crypto companies use ICOs and other sales to give consumers the option to buy the coins. However, since this product is all about receiving the coins as rewards, the only way to allocate the coins is through following their rewards requirements, acting as a rebate.

The Phases of PRO

The whole application of PRO will help to engage multiple people in the industry. There are two phases, but consumers and merchants will have different transitions to handle at these stages.

The first phase will help consumers and merchants to integrate PRO and other cryptocurrency venues into their own life. For consumers, there will be rebates with many popular retailers, which helps them to spend the currency. The merchants during this stage, which occurred in the second quarter of 2017, received access to the Solutions app, which gives them rewards as they learn to use PRO and other cryptocurrencies.

The second phase, which is also the final phase, helps people to get more out of their usage and exchanges of cryptocurrency. For consumers, that means they will be able to exchange their fiat currency for cryptocurrency in the first quarter of 2018. However, merchants will be able to reap benefits by the end of 2017, since it allows them to accept PRO and Bitcoin as payment for services and purchases.

Contacting Procommerce

Even with the details on the website, consumers may still have other questions about PROcurrency and its applications. There is no phone number on the website, but consumers can send emails to the following addresses, depending on their concern.

Procommerce PRO Coin Summary

PRO helps consumers that are new to cryptocurrency to eliminate the need to figure out conversion rates and how to handle their fiat funds. Instead, everything is essentially automated, and consumers can sign up through the website.

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