Being a stakeholder in the manufacturing industry is always not an easy task, especially with the rising competition globally. And although most manufacturers do their best to market their products, it isn’t easy to cover all regions with demand. That’s where Productivist comes in to offer a helping hand.

What Is Productivist?

Productivist is a decentralized platform on the blockchain system that will bring together private, professional manufacturers and their potential clients under an enclosed ecosystem. Through this, the platform seeks to encourage the growth of peer to peer connections that would boost the expansion of the sector.

How Productivist Smart Blockchain Manufacturing Works

Investors on the Productivist platform will have to acquire PROD tokens to participate in onboard activities. According to the information on Productivist official website, the developers seek to make PROD a utility token, whose value will heavily depend on its commercial usage on the decentralized platform. Through this, users will have an easy time converting their fiat money they collect from the purchase of goods and services to PROD tokens. However, all the transactions have to take place through the Productivist ecosystem.

Additionally, manufacturers and producers, get the chance to decide as to whether they would like all their payments in fiat money, PROD tokens of both. There will also be change desks and listing platforms with interested partners on the ecosystem that would assist in ensuring the sustainability of liquidity and fair value at all stages of operations. On the other hand, all clients on the Productivist platform get the chance to purchase smart manufacturing, modeling, and designs as well as consultation services. All the PROD tokens manufacturers collect will gain storage in wallets for trade exchanges or buying materials and other equipment. The platform claims to be already in partnership with various suppliers.

Productivist Benefits

The decentralized systems of Productivist make it cheaper for all its users. Clients to various products will undergo inexpensive outsourcing processes since everything they require will be under one roof. Also, there are no limitations on the quantity you can order, and with all suppliers going through thorough scrutiny, quality is a guarantee. There is also tracking systems in place for all orders with full IP protection and low transportation costs. All these will be profitable not only to buyers but also sellers as well.

Consequently, manufacturers get a choice to develop their Apps through the platform that would help in trading. Clients then get the opportunity to create projects on the Apps of their choice that would give room for suitable manufacturers to bid with best offers and timelines. The move comes in handy as fair competition ensures clients get value for their investment.

Productivist PROD Token ICO Details

The ICO pre-sale is set to kick off on 05/01/18. The PROD token is an ERC-20 standard token compatible. You will be able to invest using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Doge or Dash.

Productivist Verdict

The Productivist platform seems well thought of with adequate information for interested parties. The information on the site is also simple and easy to understand even for beginners. Even if we can’t tell for sure if the ICO will be a success or not, overall we feel the site seems legit. However, we urge you to be vigilant in your investment plans.

Productivist digital platform sets to connect manufacturers and their potential clients. Through the use of the leading blockchain technology, the developers hope to solve the transparency and costly issues facing the sector. We find the idea intriguing, hence hope it’s heading for success.

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