As the crypto market continues to become more and more competitive, investors are looking to find novel investment tools that can help maximize their ROIs.

ProfitTrailer is essentially a Bitcoin trading bot that has been designed to help provide users with the ability to execute automatic trades via the use of a host of different investment strategies. In addition to this, the platform is compatible with a wide array of online exchanges, therefore allowing for trades to be executed at any time during the day or night.

What Is ProfitTrailer?

When looked at closely, we can see that ProfitTrailer makes use of specialized investment schemes such as BB, EMA, SMA and DCA to maximize returns. In addition to this, the platform also has the backing of a solid dev community that provides help and support in languages such as English, German, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch etc.

ProfitTrailer Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Trading Bot Features

Some of the other core features of Profit Trailer include:

Real Time Asset Monitoring:

Once signed up, the platform comes with a detailed dashboard that gives users the option to view their crypto assets and balance in real time. All transactions are reflected within the account immediately, and each transfer is noted and stored in an immutable manner.

Investment Opportunities:

ProfitTrailer comes with a complete section that is devoted to displaying users with “potential buys” that might have a lot of monetary upside.

Pairs Log:

The system provides customers with an overview of all the coins they currently possess in a systematic manner.

DCA Log:

This is one of the core features of ProfitTrailer. The system makes use of a DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) module that helps users make smarter investment choices.

Other Key Aspects Of ProfitTrailer

Easy to Configure:

Users can edit and play around with a whole set of trade and financial options from within the GUI itself.

Real Time Notifications:

Up-to-date information regarding internal transactions and various cryptocurrencies are offered to users though the Profit Trailer U.I..


The interface can be manipulated and changed to reflect one’s native language.

Monetary Exchange:

As per the website, the platform will soon incorporate an online exchange that will allow users to trade USD, EUR, GBP and more.

What Are Users Saying About ProfitTrailer?

There are many customers who have praised this automated crypto trading bot for its efficacy and overall usability. Some of these people include Pete B. who says “I just bought this product, and it was activated straight away. I have to say i love the interface”.

Similarly, Brendan F says “This bot is pretty amazing. Easy to use, great support from the development team, really strong user community, regular updates, and lots of profit. I got my ROI in about 3 days. I also love the interface and the fact that it also renders very well on mobile devices, so I can keep tabs on my bot no matter where I’m at.”

How Do I Sign Up For ProfitTrailer?

There are various pricing schemes that one can avail of. The rate is determined by the number of exchange licenses one procures. For example, to use Profit Trailer with Binance users have to pay ฿0.030, but to use the bot with Poloniex, Bittrex and Binance, the price is ฿0.090.

All purchases can be placed on the official company website. For any further clarifications or queries, users can get in touch with company reps via the “support” page.

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