Today we will talk about a new blockchain business investment company called ProjectEreum, which has been launching the Project Coin (PJR tokens). Read our review.

What are ProjectEreum & Project Coin?

ProjectEreum is a new blockchain solution for startup companies and investors. The company is looking for companies and people who are interesting and investing in them. The PJR tokens are the utility tokens created on Ethereum blockchain that will power this new platform.

By holding this token, the investor will be able to obtain business shares from many important companies. The tokens are always in circulation, so by being used in the company’s platform, they are ensured to always have market value.

ProjectEreum’s Decentralized Business Investment Platform

The Decentralized Business Investment platform created by the company has global investment solutions and works as a digital market for new ideas with considerably more liquidity than in the real world. It uses a SHA3 Standard fully scanned system and a decentralized currency that is faster than Bitcoin, the Project Coins (PJR tokens).

On this platform, the company evaluates and verifies the investments that will be made by the buyers. The sellers can list their products, get verification and receive money, while the buyers select verified businesses and place offers, receiving shares.

All the transactions are made via smart contracts and saved forever on the blockchain, making them completely secure and legal.

ProjectEreum Road Map

The product has recently started to be developed. Partnerships with new investors are planned for the second quarter of 2018 and the company will start to test the environment for online payment systems and the cryptocurrency wallet in the third quarter. At the end of the year, the platform will be finally launched.

The PJR tokens will enter the market in 2019 and the company will start to invest in new businesses around the world in the second quarter of next year. The third quarter of 2019 will see the expansion of the team and the company has still some secret ideas for the end of the year.

Project Coin (PJR) Token Sale

The PJR token sale is happening right now and each token is being sold at the price of $1 USD in the Initial Coin Offering. There are 72 million PJR tokens available and the soft cap is 12 million USD, while the hard cap is 72 million USD.

The company accepts ETH (minimum: 01. ETH). BTC (minimum: 0.01 BTC) or Bitcoin Cash (minimum: 0.05 BCH). 60% of the 120 million total PJR tokens will be distributed on the sale.

Project Coin (PJR) Airdrop

The company is also having an airdrop. If you already own PJR tokens by buying them on the sale, anyone holding them can post on social media to help the company and receive PJR tokens as a reward. You can receive 5 to 50 free PJR tokens every time, but the maximum that a single wallet can get is 50 tokens.

The airdrop will only work until April 30 and you have to share in at least 3 social networks and have more than 50 USD in PJR tokens in your wallet.

ProjectEreum looks like a very interesting platform to invest more efficiently. By using the potential of the blockchain technology, you can definitely achieve better results while buying assets and have more liquidity even with traditional assets if you use ProjectEreum.


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