Does the notion of threat, burglary and insecurity bring discomfort? Do you still feel unsafe giv-en every possible equipment is available and running? While technology has advanced to new heights, hackers still find their ways to break into one’s systems. This is the main reason why many still fear even with cameras in place because they can be easily wired and eventually dis-connected. This no longer needs to be the case with the foundation of the ProKareX in place.

ProKareX has been created with the hopes of maximizing security of one’s home while potential-ly allowing one to have full control over their healths and a sense of privacy. It is believed that ProKareX’s reliance on blockchain technology is what distinguishes its services from others. The following will look closely at ProKareX in terms of its purpose, ecosystem and the team behind its existence.

What Is ProKareX?

ProKareX is a decentralized Home System that is said to combine sensors, cameras and a com-puter in one’s home. In addition to securing one’s home, ProKareX focuses on ensuring one’s life is not at risk, that is, to immediately pick up signals of anyone experiencing a sudden heart attack or stroke. This is especially important to consider, as one, not many people tend to react appropri-ately in times of urgency, and two, consumers are not always surrounded by others.

The reason for ProKareX’s use of blockchain technology is simply to eliminate the sense of fear, as it is safer, and less likely to be manipulated by a third party. In many instances an alarm goes off when someone breaks in, however, with ProKareX’s system in place, the police will be alert-ed in silence that way the guilty can be deemed guilty.

ProKareX Token

The ProKareX ICO is set to end June 30th, 2018. The set goal is to reach their soft cap of 2500 ETH prior to distributing tokens. With the amount raised, one can expect products to be devel-oped. It is important to keep in mind that the tokens have been created as a utility token and not necessarily as a security or asset. Those who hold the tokens have access to the products or can choose to sell them at their will. The current price of one token is $0.05, or one ETH can get one 24,000 tokens. In order to participate in the ICO, consumers should strictly use ERC-2- approved wallets.

ProKarex ICO Details

  • Token Symbol: PKX
  • Token Sale Starts: April 02, 2018
  • Token Sale Ends: June 30, 2018
  • Token Price: 1 ETH = 24000 PKX
  • Total Supply: 500 Million
  • Token Standard: ERC 20
  • Soft Cap: 2500 ETH
  • Hard Cap: 12500 ETH

prokarex home page

ProKareX Institution System

As previously mentioned, ProKareX’s ultimate goal is to create a physical security system. Over-time, the team believes that their security systems will be used by several establishments includ-ing companies, schools and even kindergartens. Because of its ability to monitor one’s health conditions in case of emergencies, the potential for increased success and cash inflow exists. Several products will be created to maximize security. This can also mean a wearable device for pets.

Who Is Behind ProKareX?

There is a large team behind ProKareX with varying levels of experience. Adam Dobson is one of the co-founders of ProKareX. He has obtained his Ph.D and has taken on several challenges within software engineering. Next, we have Anthony Wise, someone who specializes in Medical Sciences. Lastly, Daniel Gates, who takes on a major role alongside Dobson and Wise, has gained insight on several fields. Some of which include management, leadership, business and development and computer science.

Experience does not seem to be lagging on the co-founders’ parts, as each individual specializes in the notion of safety and security but from a different perspective. It appears that Dobson would have knowledge on the coding aspects of ProKareX, while Wise focuses on the health aspects and Gates, getting the message across. In addition, their enriched board of advisors seem to carry over a decade’s worth of knowledge on the concern being looked upon.

What makes this team interesting is the fact that the levels of experience vary. Instead of simply choosing members within the same field, we have some who excel in business, marketing, day-trading, etc. This not only allows for increased knowledge, but also the opportunity to come up with something innovative.

ProKareX Conclusion

Overall, it appears that ProKareX has been created with the intentions of solving real-time con-cerns, which is a competitive advantage they hold. While in most households advanced security devices exist, due to hackers and its inability to help those who are medically distressed, the en-tire system comes out as useless.

If ProKareX can keep up to their goals, that is, to maximize pri-vacy, eliminate manipulations, and create products that will help alert medics and the police, then they have the potential to succeed. Unfortunately, only those who have purchased ProKareX to-kens will have the ability to purchase the products, and the best time to get into a project is during the ICO, as prices can fluctuate after it is released on an exchange. For more on ProKarex's white paper, check out:

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