What Is Promether?

Promether is a blockchain-based platform that intends to offer encryption capabilities which allow developers and users to concentrate on other features with =in their application rather than worry about issues of surveillance and security vulnerabilities.

With its open infrastructure, Promethea will allow the users to control the network code from where they can configure and deploy their systems and practices to secure their personal information.

Promether Features

  • API- developers get to build modern applications on the open-source API without the extra costs or responsibilities for networking and infrastructures
  • VPN- users will create secure connections to other networks, websites, and protect the browsing activity under the decentralized privacy network
  • VOIP and communications contact for instant and effortless conversations without risks of private data loss.
  • A modular network that is fully configurable for networking requirements
  • The reward-based ecosystem for a circulating economy to offer the excess capacity to the Promether network
  • Graph architectures which provide for adaptation and performance of modern applications and emerging technologies
  • Smart Contracts that allow for deployment and management of contracts with specific use cases

How Promether Blockchain Surveillance & Privacy Works

The Promether network operates as an Adaptive Symbiotic Network with its foundation on Artificial intelligence and Ubiquitous Computing. Users will shave the capability to create anonymous systems where they can deploy and configure re-usable application components.

That will enable the network to support all types of applications whether centralized, decentralized, hybrid or distributed. Data from these applications will go through encrypted and traceless network nodes to offer complete anonymity.

Promether Benefits

  • End-to-end encryption by the Promether s network provides for true privacy among application users
  • Low transaction fees under the decentralized network allow for users of different financial status to use the system
  • Easy integration to accommodate existing blockchains and applications which stand to benefit from the advanced anonymity protocols
  • Applicable to the miner and IoT devices allows for unused system resources to make more money
  • Convenient sharing and storage that does not rely on third-party interceptions or entity that encroach on the data

Promether PYRO Token ICO Details

Although there aren't many details on the official dates, here are the provided details of the network sale information:

  • Phase 1 – Includes the Private pre-sale and intends to raise $3,000,000 at a 100% bonus for investors
  • Phase 2 – A private sale with an investment goal of $7,000,000 for investors at a 70% bonus.
  • Phase 3 – Public ICO will feature after the private rounds with a circulating supply of 160 million PYRO tokens

Token Details

  • Symbol- PYRO
  • Supply- 300 million PYRO
  • Sale amount- 150 million PYRO


  • Public offering- 50%
  • Private- 10%
  • Internal- 12.5%
  • Foundation- 12.5%
  • Miner rewards- 15%

Promether Conclusion

With privacy becoming an essential utility in our digital world, Promether network is among the excellent projects to offer total anonymity. While others do render data surveillance obsolete, Promether provides for multiple levels of encryption while also bypassing any privacy tools. However, the platform still has much to establish regarding details on their highly adaptive solution.

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