The crypto market is currently facing a lot of issues related to security and structural integrity. To make the masses more confident about digital assets such as bitcoin, ethereum, the crypto community as a whole has to step up their game, and present their products in a more relatable manner. Additionally, individual tokens that are being sold by companies need to be regulated and should be certified by relevant authorities.

About Prometheum

Prometheum is a new ‘sharing platform’ that has been designed to create a bridge between the financial world, and the world of crypto. In more specific terms, we can see that the Prometheum Network (once launched), will serve as a ‘regulated and decentralized smart contract network’. It has been designed to handle all ICO security token related activities and also deliver a host of other features (some of whom have been discussed below).

Key Aspects Of Prometheum

Highly Secure

The entire network has been designed using an ATS model that helps in securing the entire crypto ecosystem for the issuance, transaction and processing of blockchain token securities (ICOs).

Modern Services

The Prometheum ecosystem has been designed by experts who have dealt with crypto technologies ever since their inception. The design makes use of a ‘decentralized securities infrastructure’ which protects all of the components of the blockchain within which it is operating.

No Monopoly Of One Owner

All of the ‘securities processes’ are made to undergo validation through a ledger system that keeps track of all activities of each individual within the ecosystem.

What Makes Prometheum Unique?

Makes Investments Easier

Using the Prometheum platform, interested individuals have the potential to invest in ICO’s via the use of either fiat or crypto currencies. In addition to this, it also gives us the option to trade cryptocurrencies and tokenized securities, thereby significantly reducing the risk of losing money via scams and frauds.

Fully Regulated

All ‘currency exchanges’ using the Prometheum network will need necessary licenses for issuance, trade, transaction and exchange of virtual currencies and tokenized securities.

Fully Legal And Law Compliant

A recent DAO report has shown that Initial Coin Offerings that are “offered with the expectation of profits from the efforts of others are securities”, and thus their sale is illegal. Prometheum is working to make it possible for a regulated tokenized securities market to grow even with the restrictions that are currently in place.

Other Aspects To Consider

Inviting and Welcoming of New Members:

Using this network, independent developers now have a platform to create new apps and then showcase them. The aim is to help spur independent modernization of ’legacy systems’ so as to improve the wellbeing of everyone on this planet.

Provides Many Possibilities:

All registered member who possess an AML/World Check on the Prometheum platform, will have full freedom to participate and invest in various regulated ICOs, trade token securities, purchase token securities with fiat currency or crypto currencies and exchange cryptocurrencies.


Prometheum uses its own currency called Ember. Participants on this network have the option to either retain their Ember tokens for their market value, or use them to buy goods within the system.

Prometheum ICO Details

According to the official company website, the sale of Ember Token securities (the ICO) will be used to pay for the development of the network. Ember Tokens will act as the fuel to run the entire network, and based upon the projections of Prometheum’s market analysts, Prometheum may issue as many as 200,000,000 Ember Tokens.

If the market response is good, the company plans on adding up to an additional 52,000,000 new tokens annually. Miners/validators are incentivized to join the network and will be compensated for their activities via token rewards and transaction fee cuts.

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