Prominent BTC Developer Gregory Maxwell Confirms He Emailed Craig Wright to Offer Technical Assistance

Gregory Maxwell, the co-founder of Blockstream, has confirmed that he indeed sent Craig Wright an email, offering him technical assistance.

He has put to rest doubts that he could not have been the one who penned the email, offering to lend a hand to a person he has previously referred to as a fraud. A section of the email read that:

“I believe it would be adverse for interests that concern me if your influence or prominence in BCH were in any way diminished. I am not aware of how I could be of aid in repairing this situation, but it seemed to me that it would be prudent to at least offer my discreet assistance.”

Confirming the email, Maxwell went ahead to call Wright a scammer, saying that:

“I emailed him– because I’m concerned that scammers like Roger Ver finally figured out that faketoshi isn’t convincing anyone anymore.”

When the email surfaced online, most people cast doubt over its authenticity. Emin Gun Sirer, Cornell Professor, even went ahead to defend Gregory Maxwell, saying that he didn’t believe that the email came from him. In a tweet, Sirer said that:

“I read the supposed letter from Greg to a certain fraud. It doesn't read like Greg's writing, so I believe it to be a forgery.”

However, following the confirmation from Greg, Sirer later tweeted, agreeing that he was wrong and further saying that he now believed the massage to be authentic.

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