What Is PronCoin?

PronCoin hopes to decentralize the online adult industry by use of blockchain technology and give people a chance to earn some money while at it. Their site will be different in the following ways:

  • Users can watch and upload pictures and videos
  • Surfers will be able to talk to real girls who are looking for real men
  • Users will socialize with other users on the site
  • Surfers can get dates with real girls
  • Users can socialize with famous porn stars

The use of blockchain technology will enable the users to get rewards for using and contributing to the site and will allow users to be anonymous while at the site. Users can make money by uploading videos, sharing of videos and increasing the traffic on the site, commenting or liking videos on the site, inviting others to join the site or share adult venues, shops, store or an adult actor on the site.

Current Online Adult Industry

The adult online industry is massive, and many people spend a lot of money on adult sites. Most of the surfers on these sites are there to watch porn. However, the owners of the site allow the surfers to watch free but bombard them with many adverts in a bid to get revenue, which can be annoying for the surfer. Additionally, a lot of the money in this industry goes to companies who are the key controllers of the industry.

How PronCoin Will Change The Industry

PronCoin wants to change this trend by:

  • Paying the surfer to watch, comment, or share some of the videos
  • Advertisers will pay for getting the comments, content shared, and likes and this information will be available on blockchain and smart contract. If a surfer on the site comments, likes, watches, or shares a video, the advertiser will pay them in PRON tokens.

The adult online businessperson will earn too by:

  • Content producers and website owners will earn PRON coins when they upload movies or pictures. The content creators can use the coins to increase views to their content by creating campaigns that will increase their exposure.

In addition to this, the site hopes to create an adult social community with all the features of the social media sites such as like, share, comment, and follow among others. The site will also bring in adult porn stars. The amateurs too will have a chance to display their work. The site will also be a marketplace for buying and selling adult products. They also hope to introduce an adult gaming system.

PronCoin PRON Tokens

The PRON tokens will be available on the Ethereum network and traders can trade them on exchanges. Users can use the PronCoin token to:

  • Gain access to the adult site, service or the product they want.
  • Users can also sell the tokens to gain profit when their value increases.
  • Users can also hold the token to gain profits when their price skyrockets.
  • They are also available for trading for other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum or bitcoin
  • Surfers can use them to gain premium membership on the site
  • They can also use them to increase their exposure and position on the site.

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