Property Coin PCX ICO Review

The world is increasingly becoming digital and is moving towards a more technology-based life. Emerging technologies are on the rise. One such innovation is the blockchain technology that has seen digital currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lite coin, and more continuously boom. Many enterprises have risen up to perform blockchain trading including Property Coin.

What is Property Coin PCX?

Property Coin PCX is a different blend of an investment company. Information from their site says that they provide investors with an opportunity to own real estate assets via skillfully managed portfolios that implement the blockchain technology. Investors are, therefore, able to participate in diversified real estate areas as well as access loans through their Aperture’s proprietary hi-tech platform.

Property Coin works in partnership with Aperture – a real estate high tech and investment firm based in Los Angeles, that aims at purchasing residential properties for renovation and reselling. Additionally, it focuses on giving loans to key property investors.

Since establishment in 2016, Aperture has schematized the procedures followed when procuring, renovating, and re-selling properties. These procedures have been tested by the company founders and management team using real investments and personal capital and have produced more than 50 percent unlevered IRRs until today.

How Does Property Coin Really Work?

Property Coin is changing the fix and flip investment tactics that were originally meant for the rich and were only available in country clubs. Their aim is to provide easy and quick access to investment strategies by giving investors a chance to share in the profits produced by existing operational and associated technology platform, Aperture.

An investor makes an initial price of approximately $50. The company accepts the equivalent amount of ETH and BTC. The minimum contribution for investors from the US Investors is $1,000 while for Non-US Investors, the token is $100 equivalent.

All US investors must be accredited as required by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. According to the company, incomes from property sales fuel the growth of Aperture’s technology as well as the real estate investment procedures.

An Overview of Property Coin PCX

Property Coin is an investment vehicle that contemporary investors should be interested in.

One, it uses blockchain technology which ensures safe and secure digital transactions. Two, in terms of profits, the company shares 50 percent of the earning profits with investors, according to them, it’s a win-win situation for both parties, no exaggerated profit margins which make a lot of logical sense. Theirs is a unique method of ensuring investors will have a share of real estate property ownership in a more achievable way unlike conventional means of acquiring property.

Property Coin is also currently listed for coin offerings on ICO Bench, ICO Alert, Coin Codex, and other ICO listing sites as well. Over and done with the preliminary offering, Aperture seeks to raise approximately 50 Million US dollars which is equivalent of 4508 BTC and 41903 ETH.

The funds will be used to buy property, finance investment loans, revitalize the neighborhoods, and introduce new and inexpensive housing for local communities. Sounds authentic – both new and existing investors alike can try out Property Coin.

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