The world of Cryptocurrency has grown more than people could have ever imagined. Very few people could have fathomed that the crypto market would grow and expand all over the world as quickly as it has. It has experienced a gradual acceptance and adaptation globally.

A number of interested people have gotten involved and its regulations are evolving gradually. A couple of initiatives in the private sector have adopted this blockchain technology, especially in the financial and healthcare sector. In a couple of years, blockchain technology has positioned itself to define the business world.

The Proteania team encompasses young developers who are astute with several years of working experience in cryptocurrency value chain development, payment systems, mobile app integration, financial systems, and network design. This team has entrepreneurial experience that spans several years in the financial technology industry.

Why It Is Needed

The aim of The Proteania Project is to develop a platform where cryptocurrencies can be traded on a number of platforms. This platform will give the trader the convenience of withdrawing to a local fiat depending on the country the individual is trading from. This platform will enable users to compare prices as well as move their assets around so as to make a profit.

This platform will be used by an encrypted wallet that is secured and a mobile exchange that is convenient. The Proteania Platform will provide its users with convenience and solve a number of problems in the growing cryptocurrency market.

Benefits Of The Proteania Platform

  • Allows its users to compare prices over a wide range of exchanges globally
  • Enables a user to withdraw and funds to local fiat as per the user’s location.
  • Has financial tools of analysis that give the users alerts on the best point of entry
  • Provides connections to multi-trading exchanges with platforms that are liquid ready. This allows the users to enter and exit any comparable digital asset.
  • It makes use of the best price scenario to exchange across top digital assets
  • It makes use of a protean token that enables the creation of liquidity. It uses the protean coin as the base asset.
  • It is safe to use as it is secured with a modern security and encryption technology. This ensures that its users have the best options in relation to movement, trade, and retrieval of assets.
  • Enables users to pay for a number of transactions incurred on its platform through its protean coin at a fraction of the cost. The token will assist in the transfer of value over all classes of assets.
  • The Protean token will enable the transfer of value across all asset classes, serving as a secured remittance platform.


The Proteania Project will become the mobile trading platform of choice for professional traders who require a platform that is convenient and flexible as they are upwardly mobile. For those who prefer efficiency and profitability in their trading operations, then this platform is the one for them.

This platform will ensure that the conversion and storage of assets into the trader’s fiat currency of choice is quick and painless. It will also enable individuals across all social strata to partake in this new business of cryptocurrency trading.

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