protocol labs blockchain startup opens rfp research grant program

The RFP Research and Grant Program just received a major boost after the Protocol Labs Blockchain Startup announced a request protocols program. The Blockchain developer has previously been associated with the successful projects- IPFS and Filecoin Coinlist. The program seeks to improve the components used in Filecoin and future RFPs.

According to the Protocols Lab, the research initiative will cost the program an initial amount of $5 million, with each successful bidder receiving grants ranging from $5000 to $200000. The initial RFP will generally fund all the problems across protocols, ranging from multi-formats to Filecoin.

The Significance Of Protocol Labs Blockchain Startup

The Blockchain startup has established the Protocol Labs Research team with the aim of directing and supporting all the research efforts across the company’s projects and communities. The benefits the program seeks to offer include provision of a direct and explicit conduit for potential collaborators, share contributions, organize work and boost research efforts by external contributors.

This move seeks to build a network of scientific advisors who can assist in the company’s research efforts and boost its collaborative endeavor in developing skills and ideas.

The company has listed several projects on Github for interested developers to explore while discussing interesting problems and sharing new directions on the platform, through repositories such as IPFS and notes. To serve as an inspiration to other researchers, Protocol Labs has started a new research repo and put in new effort to formalize and organize open problems in the program. This move seeks to encourage individuals to propose and discuss their own research problems.

Despite the listing of several projects, the open nature of the problem forces the program to choose more than one proposal for a problem. The firm judges the research applications based on the proposed research, quality, and experience of an individual. Teams are also allowed to submit research applications. The bottom line is, the problems must be open in nature meaning they must be accessible to the developer community.

Research Grant Program's Other Plans

The RFP Research Grant Program will also support events and research conferences while offering student scholarships for attendees. To date, the program has offered sponsorships to Crypto 2018, MGS 2018, BPASE 18, FC '18 and the MIT Bitcoin Expo 2018 with the hope that they will be able to host their own conferences in the coming years.

Protocol Labs intends to expand the program in future to reach more people if its first phase is a success. The company says the program is aimed at creating a source of income for people who can use technology to solve problems relating to the blockchain innovation.

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