ProtonMail Encrypted Email Provider To Entertain ICO For 'Proton Shares'

ProtonMail Set To Raise Funds Through An ICO

Email provider ProtonMail seems to be preparing for fund raising through an initial coin offering. This is in accordance with a current job opportunity. The advertisement for a blockchain developer comprises of a number of ‘partialities’ precisely connected to initial coin offerings. This include involvement in a fruitful ICO as well as an expert in coming up with safe Ethereum smart contracts.

According to the advert, ProtonMail is expecting to have a number of exhilarating blockchain-related ventures in the near future. In this regard, the prospective candidate will be part of their team to spearhead these developments, which are expected to make the blockchain as simple to utilize as possible. Eventually, this is projected to assist scores of people all over the globe.

ProtonMail had earlier started giving hints that it desired to raise finances by selling shares directly to the community. The announcement took place in April, though it did not get any meaningful collective support. Due to the high charges of hosting large numbers of new user accounts, as well as a host of other services, the company said the model made some sense on many levels.

ICO Arrangements Unsuccessful In Winning Hearts

In most cases, initial investors in promising ventures are usually the greatest beneficiaries. The community is essentially the greatest supporter of ProtonMail, making it suitable for the community to acquire these proceeds. It is therefore desirable for all the gains going to casual outside investors who are driven by voracity and not to the firm’s dream for the future of the internet.

Additionally, the ICO assists the company to raise substantial amount of money, which will be apportioned to the enhancement of the product to the advantage of the community. ProtonMail also wants the much needed capital to create a marketplace for the company’s shares which allows the present investors to ultimately sell their shares. The same shares can also be picked up by others that support the firm.

Consequently, the company can eventually arrive at a level where all shares can be held by people who believe in their mission, and are ranged by the objectives of the firm. In many ways, it is not possible for investors to buy Proton as long as the community declines to vend. Unfortunately, pundits had mixed reactions. Much of the criticism came from those who saw inconsistencies between the firm’s ideals and the formation of a cryptographic token with suspicious service cases.

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