Provoco VOCO ICO Review is the world’s first social challenge network empowered by the blockchain. Provoco operates on the idea that everyone loves challenge—watching someone succeed or fail, challenging others, and even challenging oneself. At the end of the day, it leads to something good. Provoco provides a new design of social network and implements solutions that can be used in other areas.

Provoco—Social Network

The main idea of Provoco VOCO is to provide a social network in which every user can create and take challenges. In addition, it will provide a lot of high quality and interesting video content, which will be accessible to each portal visitor. Besides, the network will include social network features and advantages of video portals.

In the end, users will be able to search and review attractive content, while identifying advertising opportunities as well. These opportunities will encourage users to become active members of the challenge portal.

The Reputation System

Provoco has all the basic social network features, based on the unique solutions. The blockchain technology will help in automation and will ensure a transparent agreement between the author of the challenge and the executor. With an unmatched reputation, it will enable the network to take unprejudiced decision during the confirmation of challenges.

The separate system will be based on a social pooling mechanism to eliminate cases of cheating and fraud. Additionally, the reputation system will serve not only the network, but will also be applicable in the e-democracy projects where unprejudiced opinion is equally important.

Working Scheme

From the moment the user initiates a challenge to the time another user receives the virtual voco money, there will be a series of actions to ensure that the process is secure and transparent. It is a standard challenge scheme with more variations:

Author of Challenge:

You can create a challenge for yourself or for others and set up a certain price of virtual money voco for the accomplished challenge.

Smart Contract:

As the author of the challenge, you sign a smart contract with the executor. The money is frozen (as it happens in escrow) until all conditions are fulfilled. In the end, the money is either sent to the challenge executor or returned back to the author. All the contract details are recorded in the blockchain.

Areas Targeted By Provoco

Public and Private Challenges:

Everyone who becomes the first to complete a challenge is a winner! This category includes fun challenges, adventure and global missions, as well as sprints and long-term challenges.


Sometimes only the best solution is required. This could be for business, entertainment, or in social situations.


By challenging yourself to meet a goal, you will motivate you to put your efforts into personal improvement. Common areas include health, education, or other areas of development.

Business and Commercial:

These challenges are geared toward people to attract them to spread the word about their brand. Businesses will create challenges in relation to customer acquisition.

Other challenges include charity and world breakthroughs. The presale starts on February 8, and you can claim a 55% bonus by registering early.

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