Public Reputation Network

Every single day the world wakes up to the realization of the continual expansion of the blockchain technology. And although in the beginning, the words blockchain meant an improvement in the Cryptocurrency sector, nowadays it goes far beyond that to cover everyday happenings in our surrounding. One such area set to benefit from this kind of innovation is the waste public relations industry that is at the forefront of image and reputation building for famous individuals, government entities and various types of businesses.

Currently, the sector faces a lot of challenges that make it difficult for the public to separate truth from lies. And with much information manipulation in place, these entities make use of unethical means to ensure they remain on the positive side of the public eye. However, if we want to see things improving for the better, then this has to change as we empower the public to decide for themselves what’s good or bad. The Public Reputation Network platform comes to offer the much-awaited solutions to these problems.

What Is Public Reputation Network?

The Public Reputation Network is a decentralized online platform on the blockchain that works to make use of the Public Reputation Protocol (PRP) as a way of allowing users to contribute to the reputations of popular entities across the globe. To attain this, the site will make use of the Balanced Binary Voting (BBV) model to create a free and fair up-to-date image measurement site.

Consequently, members of the platform would benefit through reward earning as they participate in voting activities as well as in the formation of cryptocurrencies that could sustain their income. The site would bring together various business/government entities and their various publics for better interaction and understanding.

Public Reputation Network Features

The Public Reputation Network (PRN) strives to provide its users with necessary tools to enhance their interaction with the reputation platform;

  • A blockchain-based balanced binary voting mechanism that ensures the reputation measurement process is accurate, fair and up-to-date.
  • The use of Pro Rata Reward Calculator in the reward allocation process to various members with correct prediction outcomes.
  • XPR tokens that members would use in the creation of their digital assets within the Public Reputation Network ecosystem. They also vote on PR cards.
  • Stellar exchange wallets to enhance the purchase of the XPR tokens in the exchange with the XLM (Lumens) currency
  • PR cards that help in the accumulation of positive and negative points for various entities

How Does Public Reputation Network Performance Protocol Work?

Interested parties have to set up an account on the PRN platform after which they gain access to the inbuilt system to purchase the XPRs tokens through their Stellar Wallets. The amount of tokens they receive depends on the XLM (lumens) they possess. Upon the completion of the transaction users receive a receipt on the number of XPRs they acquire and can use them;

  • To cast their PR votes and receive rewards
  • Create digital assets for within the platform exchange
  • Bet on PR cards to earn more XPRs

Public Reputation Network XPR Token ICO Details

The PRN would make use of a balanced approach to enhance the 50 million target public Token Sale with its in-built decentralized exchanges;

  • Balanced Trading Bot for the execution of the pre-sale and public sale from 20th April 2018
  • 10 Million token sales at pre-sale at $0.12/XPR
  • 40 Million Public sales at $0.22/XPR
  • There will be XPRs limitation release on low demand and up to 3.6 Million XPRs release at maximum request.

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