Puerto Crypto Review

With all of the innovation that is currently happening within the blockchain space, many entrepreneurs are now seeking platforms that will allow them to showcase/ access the best products within the crypto domain.

Puerto Crypto is an upcoming conference that has been organized with the sole goal of “showcasing the latest in blockchain technologies”. It is going to be held in Puerto Rico between the 14th-16th of March, and is open to crypto enthusiasts from all over the globe.

More About the Puerto Crypto Conference

As the name clearly suggests, Puerto Crypto is a “crypto oriented” conference that will lay emphasis on connecting Puerto Rico with the blockchain world. It aims to bring in the biggest names within the crypto space to the Caribbean island so as to attract good investment attention to the country.

Some of the key features of this conference include

(i) Diverse Coverage:

From a business standpoint, we can see that this conference will be covering a large spectrum of crypto related topics including

  • Blockchain technology
  • Bitcoin/Ethereum and their future in the world
  • ICOs and how they can be used to maximize business potential
  • Token sale mechanics
  • Smart investing techniques
  • Blockchain regulations and how to work with/ around them.

(ii) Puerto Rico Centric:

The core agenda of this conference is to raise more awareness about crypto technologies within the country. In order to achieve this, some of the biggest political names from the country will be attending this conference. These include the:

  • Governor, Secretary of Economic Development,
  • President of the Puerto Rico Government Development Bank (GDB)

They will be talking on a wide array of subjects ranging from crypto assets, to developing international investor relations.

(iii) Not For Profit:

As per the official conference website, all of the money raised by this conference will be donated to charities that are currently working to rehabilitate the country after the devastating effects of hurricanes Irma and Maria last year.

Other Key Agendas For the Puerto Crypto Conference

(i) Industry Mechanics:

To help foster more crypto-investment within Puerto Rico, there will be many speakers who will be talking about the economic, regulatory advantages that the country has to offer blockchain enthusiasts (over other nations).

(ii) Investment Techniques:

Large emphasis is going to be laid upon making “smart investments” within the current “crypto-friendly economic climate”.

(iii) PR Economic Development:

Another key item on the discussion agenda is the building of healthy PR relations between investors and government officials to facilitate more monetary influx into the country.

(iv) Relocation Information:

As mentioned earlier, the heads of various governmental financial institutions (from Puerto Rico) will be present at the conference. They will outline specific processes that will enable companies to set up base in the country with ease.

(v) Crypto-Currency Education:

During the three days of this conference, there will be great emphasis laid upon crypto education, and teaching investors about the potential that alt-currencies possess (in relation to changing global payment mechanics).

(vi) Legislatory Revelations:

It is also expected that during the course of the Puerto Crypto conference, there will be an unveiling of ‘Blockchain Friendly Legislation’ that has been designed to promote crypto investments within the country.

(vii) Big Industry Names:

While the names of all the key attendees is too long to list here, the keynote speeches will be delivered by people like Brock Pierce, David Orban, Brendan Bloomer, Ricardo Rossello (Governor, Puerto Rico), Steve Bassi.

How Do I Sign Up?

The conference is due in about a months time, and will be taking place at the Vanderbilt Hotel in San Juan. There are three packages to avail of, they include:

(i) Early Bird:

These tickets are available till the 2nd of February, and have been priced moderately at US$995.00. Through the early bird package, users can gain access to:

  • A full conference kit.
  • Breakfast and Lunch.
  • Attendance rights to each and every event during the conference.

(ii) Standard:

This package delivers all of the features of the early bird program, but is priced at $1495.00.

(iii) Exclusive:

As the name suggests, this package provides users with all of the benefits of the standard deal, along with added benefits such as:

  • Meet and Greet opportunities.
  • Opening Party invite.
  • Exclusive Networking sessions (where one can have face to face interactions with some of the Blockchain elites).

This ticket is priced at US$2,495%. All of the above ticket prices do not factor in taxes and processing charges. The registration process is quite simple, and can be initiated by clicking on the “sign up” button on the top right of the company homepage.

For any further details regarding Puerto Crypto, users can get in touch with the event organizers either via email ([email protected]) or by phone

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