Pujada PJD ICO Review

Pujada is an island located off the South Liberia Sea and covers an area of 15,682 hectares. This project aims to modernize the isle by constructing casinos, hotels, recreational spots and sea view rooms. Also, the island will be eco-friendly as well as compatible with the latest technologies. Ultimately, the dream is to create a ‘smart island’ that is welcoming, charming and functional.

The key pillars to achieving the smart island are big data and blockchain technology. The two will form the smart island by fusing big data from the various centers of collection, smart applications and the blockchain ledger.

What is Pujada PJD?

Within the smart island, every gadget that accesses the local network acts as sensor, including smartphones, cars, streetlights and pipes. Decentralization, a fundamental aspect of blockchain-based platforms, renders the deletion of crucial information impracticable. Moreover, the security mechanisms implemented are impregnable. All transactions conducted on the Pujada platform will be transparent, making it almost impossible to carry out fraudulent activities.

Furthermore, blockchain technology will significantly assist in the distribution of assets. The unified management control system will coordinate and efficiently manage the processing of the big data, sourced from different sources.

The Smart Island

In the long run, the Pujada PJD project aims to completely transform its locale into a fully-fledged smart city. To realize these, the project team will use blockchain technology and Internet of Things. The process will culminate with the integration of the smart program with other social amenities to facilitate intelligent transactions. These are:

Intelligent Public Service

This will focus on improving the infrastructure within the island. Here, both the physical and the management aspects of the structures will undergo transformation and upgrading. Eventually, this translates into an overall development of the island, which is the project’s primary objective.

Intelligent Tourism

The goal is to perfect the tourism sector in Pujada through the improvement of both tourism infrastructure and the accompanying information framework. This will be done with the help of the Internet of Things, networking, and data mining and so on.

Intelligent Hotel

Hotels and restaurants across the island will have digital information services on top of modernized lighting control and air-conditioning systems. Moreover, the customer service center will also be digitized. Consequently, services will become more efficient and satisfactory, especially from the client’s perspective.

Intelligent Housing Services

In this regard, data collected using IoT devices will contribute towards the formulation of emergency rescue services.

Intelligent Medicine

The Pujada project envisions an environment where all medical facilities are connected to a common network, with an enormous database from which doctors can access patient records.

Intelligent Traffic

Congestions and accidents will be forgone, thanks to the application of the ‘intelligent traffic’. All roads will be under constant monitoring and optima traffic distribution will be implemented to help curb traffic jams.

Pujada PJD ICO Token Details

In a bid to funds its ambitious project, the company will organize a crowdsale in which Pujada tokens (PJD) will be up for sale. The token works on the basis of the ERC20 platform.

For the ICO, Pujada will mint a total of 5 billon PJD. Out of these, 10% will go to the developers, 5% towards research and legal matters and 5% will fund ecological construction. The remaining 80% will be availed to the general public.

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