Pulsifi Predictive Analytics SaaS AI Platform Selects Proximax Blockchain Suite

Proximax, A Blockchain Enabled Suite Is Set To Enhance Pulsifi’s “Human Analytics” Engine

Yesterday, ProximaX made it known to the public that Pulsifi had chosen its blockchain technology to enhance its speculative analytics engine. Through the use of a multi-faced approach, Pulsifi assists businesses to spot, keep, and grow skills by understanding workers.

Pulsifi’s Artificially Intelligence mechanized and software as a service platform gathers and analyzes information to scientifically foretell the performance of individuals as they work, as well as advise on recommended action, such as selection and development. Currently, 95% of hiring managers only have the Curriculum Vitae and unstructured interviews as the point of reference. And sometimes, recruiters will rely on the gut feeling.

Apart from the above criteria being prejudiced and often inconsistent, the hiring manager doesn’t quite comprehend the critical abilities that cannot be evident in the curriculum vitae, such as an individual’s personality, their preferred jobs, and what they consider valuable in the workplace.

Pulsifi works around this by gathering and evaluating various data sources to come up with multi-faced profiles for every individual, such as their work experiences, hobbies, values, character and competencies. Their artificial intelligence then foretells each individual’s behavior and their outlook at work, the role they fit perfectly at, output, team work, and organization. Pulsifi will enable hiring managers to understand their candidates and employees from all dimension, and thus, make better decisions when hiring, retaining, and developing their target candidates.

Information about employees and candidates is confidential and as such, it should be treated with utmost confidentiality. To be able to keep information highly confidential, Pulsifi has picked ProximaX because of its exceptional expertise in creating and developing the blockchain technology. Blockchain technology can be applied through concise and safe distribution, authentication, recognition, and data storage.

ProximaX is a highly developed extension of the blockchain and DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) with industry-standard services and protocols.

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